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  1. AnneGrace

    Honeymoon for gay couple

    Hello friendly folks, I'm sponsoring my cousin's wedding; she met her partner through an online lesbian dating service but here's the catch- she's pretty introverted and I felt it the day I met her. She doesn't want many people invited to the wedding and I'm looking at honeymoon packages/destinations in and around Ontario with a peaceful setting. Mid-October appears to be the right date for the wedding. Would anyone help?
  2. AnneGrace

    My Honeymoon Plans!

    Cruising sounds like a great idea. Is it a casino cruise? if you're both in the mood, try to earn a portion of your money spent by playing poker or something
  3. Those are some cool honeymoon ideas. BOokmarking those
  4. AnneGrace

    Hello from ON

    Hello there, Hope everyone is doing alright
  5. AnneGrace

    Barcelo Maya Beach Brides

    Congrats, never heard of the place really. Would love to visit once
  6. AnneGrace

    Will porcelain veneers correct yellowish teeth

    Hey Judy, I think first, you should advise her to stop smoking and consuming too much caffeine.