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  1. Salvage One: The Ultimate Vintage Venue. With the stresses of wedding planning, it can be easy to forget the reason you are having a wedding: to celebrate the love and devotion between a couple. It can be difficult to think outside of the box and find the perfect venue that fits the theme of your wedding and your personal tastes, but unique venues can add an intimate vibe that brings the happy couple closer with all their friends and family in attendance. For brides looking to celebrate their dream wedding in a vintage-style venue, look no further than Salvage One. Photo Courtesy of Victoria Sprung Photography Salvage One is a 60,000 square foot warehouse located in Chicago, IL that boasts a wide assortment of evolving inventory featuring antiques decades old to trinkets from the not-so-distant past. This one-of-a-kind shop transforms into a diacritic event space for a variety of gatherings, and they offer a plethora of options to customize your wedding gathering. The exciting mix of antique treasures that make the Salvage One shop so unique adds the same elements of individuality and old-fashioned charm to the events held within the space. Paired ith exposed brick walls, expansive windows and wooden floors, the antique feel of this event space is ever-evolving and customizable to the desires of every couple. One space available is a courtyard and outdoor ceremony space, perfect for small intimate gatherings. In the warmer months, the outdoor courtyard becomes green and lush, providing a whimsical landscape with built in seating that will enchant your guests. Also featuring a one-of-a-kind bathtub fountain and their iconic ‘Chicago’ sign, this backyard oasis provides the perfect venue for personal nuptials or cocktail hour, and a great photo opportunity for your wedding party. Photo Courtesy of Artistrie Co. The indoor ceremony space provides room for more guests with a compilation of church pews, theater seats, and other antique-styled chairs for a uniquely eclectic vibe. The room is dimly lit by crystal chandeliers, to enhance the romantic feeling of the room. Their 10,000 square foot reception space features a variety of styles of tables and chairs to fit up to 250 guests, with plenty of couches and other lounge furniture. The room also boasts a disco ball to get the party started as the party moves into the night. Also available is a three-room suite, perfect spots for bride and groom rooms. The Hollywood-style mirror and collection of comfy couches make the suite both the perfect escape from any wedding day stresses, and another great place for a photo op. Salvage One is the perfect event space to make your wedding uniquely yours; with their changing inventory, no two ceremonies will be held in exactly the same space. And the endless variety of antique treasure provides the perfect setting for gorgeous pictures that will last a lifetime. Plus, couples who are getting married at Salvage One also get free access to the space for engagement photos. If you are looking for a distinctive space to host the antique wedding of your dreams, look no further than Salvage One. If you want to create a unique wedding registry to go with your unique venue : Click here – Create Registry
  2. Mishkalo

    Ara's Art and Love Letters

    Ara’s Art and Love Letters: Ara Lucia, artist on Mishkalo creates pieces that add a unique element, love letters which speaks to Mishkalo’s mission of love. “I introduced a narrative element by using snippets of love letters between women. With these elements I explore the body, identity and intimacy”, Ara Lucia say while talking about her process. Art with love letters Ara Lucia also talks about her new work and how these love letters weave into her new pieces. She says, “my new work, including small bits and pieces of the text of love letters allowed me to illuminate the intimate relationship expressed by the painting.” She does this by using the text along with paint allowing for glimpses of the love letters to be seen through the paint therefore, the complete, intimate message is not completely seen. Ara Lucia’s art can also be identified through her passion for the color blue. Her passion for this color started in the second grade with a pair of navy blue shoes and continued with her prom dress and even her wedding dress which was a deep blue. Her passion for this color has been translated into her art, making it unique along with the addition of love letters which can be added in a commissioned piece of art. Ara as part of Mishkalo: Art with love letters As an artist that is part of Mishkalo, Ara Lucia and her art connect to love through the use of love letters which are unique to her pieces. Art is something that will remind the couple of their love while adding beauty to their home. She believes that marriage is something that has a major impact on people including herself saying, “Choosing artwork as a couple can be deeply meaningful. It can often symbolize aspects of a relationship, the hopes and vision the couple has for their life together.” Mishkalo looks for artists that will put the love the couple has into pieces that they will cherish for years to come. If you would like to create a unique wedding registry, click here Create Registry
  3. Mishkalo

    Honey Bee Weddings

    Vendor Spotlight: Honey Bee Weddings Honey Bee Weddings Have you thought of having a Dia de los Muertas themed Wedding? Meet a unique wedding planner, Misse Daniel, Founder of Honey Bee Weddings which is celebrating its 10th year anniversary! When I asked Misse about the most unique wedding that she has helped plan she said: “I planned a Dia de los Muertas [Day of the Dead] themed wedding. It will probably never be done again but it was featured in a national publication” Misse started Honey Bee Weddings because she adores weddings. Her experience in event planning began while working for a non-profit. After successfully coordinating many events, a co-worker asked Misse for help in planning an out of state wedding on a Bison ranch in Kansas. After the lovely wedding, Misse realized that she found her calling. Misse launched Honey Bee Weddings, in 2007. Her vision came to life within a few months and has been steadily growing. I had the pleasure of meeting Misse Daniel recently and was impressed with her passion and talent to plan unique and fabulous weddings. I wanted to find out more about her and here is what she said. Honey Bee Weddings on Mishkalo What are some interesting problems with weddings that you have encountered and solved in the many years you have been in this business? “I have had many unique problems: inebriated groomsmen, missing centerpieces, to a cake that was in a car accident! Being able to stay calm has always been a strength of mine!” What advice would you give brides and grooms planning their big Day? “Be a gracious host: thank your guests, make the seating arrangements comfortable and if you can, provide amenities for your guests like a welcome bag at the hotel.” If you are planning a wedding, contact Honey Bee Weddings (http://www.honeybeeweddings.com/). Misse Daniel & her team will help make your special day even more beautiful! Honey Bee Weddings ***************************** If you would like to create a one-of-a-kind Art Wedding Registry, check out Mishkalo.com