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  1. Hi, The trend of wedding dresses is turned towards rather short dresses. I propose you a blog of a friend who is really very well and who will be able to give you advice as for your final choice between these two dresses: http://anallureevent.com/ I hope it helps you. Lucy
  2. Hi, If you want more advice about shoes to wear at your wedding, you can check out this wonderful wedding blog: http://uniqueweddings-events.com/ . I have found many tips but also trends in terms of marriage. They will be able to inform you about the choice of your shoes;) I hope it helps you. Lucy
  3. Hi, I found a lot of ideas on this blog: http://wedding-n-engagement-rings.com/ and I know that there are also articles on floral decoration. Go take a look! I'm getting married in a few months I hope it helps you. Lucy