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  1. @Belle315 Royalton Brides Facebook Review: Review! 7/7/18 Paradise Package 71 guests Rehearsal: Grande Marche (45ppl) Ceremony: Sky Terrace 2pm Cocktail hour: ballroom hall 2:30-3:30pm Reception: Sky Terrace 6-10pm Travel Agent: Raylene at Ever After (out of Las Vegas) Off site coordinator: Charlyne On site planner: Paola Home base: Arlington, TX (DFW area) I wrote a ridiculously long review (11 pages). It includes my itinerary, my 6 page travel letter for worry warts, guest bags, every detail of the hotel, cost, advice, etc. I’m not going to overload the FB page with it so here is a link to the review if you want to read it. In short, I would give this hotel and experience 5 stars and recommend you use an outside vendor for photography and DJ just for cost effective reasons. Theirs is amazing and will not disappoint. My favorite part of my stay was the wedding of course and the spa. Favorite people at the resort were Paola (wedding planner), Vividiana (check in), Veronica and Marisol (spa). https://drive.google.com/open?id=1RaFb19Pbn8tDvNY3_GSoZ8DX0plYaT_F
  2. @Belle315 join the brides Facebook group (Royalton Riviera Cancun Brides 2018/2019) and search all reviews. If you don’t have a FB then make one specifically for the group. I found it very helpful and wish I had joined it before picking and paying for everything. I will write a review once I get back home and things have settled. We had 70 guests and it was the most amazing family vacation. Everyone was so happy with the resort and we ate family meals for every meal while they were here. We had an amazing wedding day. I was planning on just going with the flow and not let little things get to me on the wedding day, but there was no need. EVERYTHING was perfect and much better than I could have expected or imagined. I’m still in awe.
  3. These bags are awesome! Mine also have mosquito bands, Shout wipes, ear plugs, Emergen C, sunglasses, and we are bringing fans to place on the chairs for the ceremony since it will be outside.
  4. I’m a July 2018 bride. Congrats!!! I used Raylene at Ever After TA to find the perfect venue. I ended up choosing Royalton Riviera and I am definitely happy I did. We are a little over 100 days out and I have 70 guests booked and all the details planned out with the resort. So I guess I’m just sitting back at this point looking for makeup ideas. Definitely use a TA for the room blocks. Mine made a website for us and was there for me every step of the way. She was in constant contact with me and gave the best advice. This hotel has wedding written all over it. I feel so lucky that I get to have my wedding there. Their packages are awesome.
  5. @Mention How did your wedding go? Hope it was perfect and the beach didn’t have too much seaweed. Anyone have prices for hair and makeup for 2018?
  6. To everyone interested in price lists and packages. I used Raylene at Ever After to help plan my wedding. I told her my price range and she sent me this gigantic email with a TON of different venues that she knew and trusted to do a wedding right. It literally had every single thing you could think of on there. I think I paid her $50 or something really low like that and she did all the leg work. She even made a wedding website for all my people to book their hotel. Anyways, I'm all planned out and on my final payment to the resort for my wedding in July! I'd love to hear from people about their experience with the family style meal at the Sky Terrace and their DJ. I guess those are the two things I am nervous about. Also, anyone get the paradise package? What was the "free gift"? Thanks!
  7. I am getting married July 2018 as well!!! Did anyone get the paradise package? I keep wondering what the "free gift" is from the resort. Did anyone have a family style meal on the Sky Terrace? We couldn't have a plated dinner since I was at 70 people. I was wondering if everything would come out hot, if there is enough room, logistics like that. How did everyone feel about their DJ? Thanks!
  8. Yay! Let us know how the meal and reception goes. Did you get the paradise package? I keep wondering what the "free gift" is. I'm mostly nervous about the meal and DJ. We have to have family style instead of plated since I am at 70 people. I am getting married in July. We plan to have the wedding and reception on the Sky Terrace with cocktails on the beach. I've literally read EVERY trip advisor review on this place. Hope everything goes well.
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