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  1. Thank you! We live in St. Louis and in July its normally 100+ with high humidity so we are use to it!
  2. afriedhoff

    Dreams Playa Mujeres: A Great Resort for Families with Kids

    Is there a strong kid presence? My fiance and I are having thinking about a destination wedding there however, are a bit concerned with the kids around the swim up bar and worried about letting loose if there are children around. We do know that we can head next door to Secrets however, the majority of our family is going to be at Dreams and was just curious if they strictly enforced the no kids in the adult pool or if there even are separate pools/areas for kids and adults.
  3. My fiance and I are looking at getting married July 2019 at Dreams Playa Mujeres but were concerned with the weather. Anyone been there during early July? We are a bit worried about rain especially!