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    Adventure Weddings Las Caletas

    Like a True Movie

    Pros: I would not have changed anything
    Hi guys, I got married in October 5th of this year. I would of written my review a lot sooner if I didn't have a family medical problem going on. I want to first say that I am the type of girl that waits until the last minute for everything. To find someone that works with such professionalism and who is a perfectionist, like my wedding planner Blanca Sanchez, was a true blessing for my wedding and for myself. She also took her time to surprise my husband with a little gift in memory of his mom. With the help of her team, that moment became very symbolic to everyone in our wedding. I know I was not easy to work with at times, because like I said I wait until the last minute and I change my mind about things last minute too, but my wedding planner did not sweat it, and most importantly she made it happen. From my Dj Rafael Vasquez making all of our music request come alive, and i mean all of our music request, to my catering service having explicit food and such an amazing service. Everything was more then perfect. My husband even said to me we can't just go back and do it as a vacation. I want to thank all of them for making my day such a magical and unforgettable day.