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  1. This is my Etsy shop" https://www.etsy.com/shop/CakeToppersByTina". Please favorite if you like some styles.
  2. Do you have such lovely penguin wedding cake toppers on your wedding day? Wedding cake toppers, as we all know, are the only decorations that can keep a long time after the wedding, so choosing a pair of the one and only wedding cake toppers is the most important. And the unique penguin wedding cake toppers is your best choice. The penguin wedding cake toppers are made of polymer clay, hand-painted, resin, acrylic paint and other materials. These materials solidified harmless to the human body. So they can be used boldly in the wedding, and can be kept in home for a long time as a souvenir. You can design your penguin bride and penguin groom according to your personal preference.And you can decorate a small white mantilla for your bridal topper , and decorate a gray hat or a gray bow-tie for your groom topper. Of course, if you want to add extra accessories to enrich wedding cake toppers, that's fine. You can add banners, bases, and you also can add cute pets, such as cats, puppies and so on. Then you'll have a unique wedding cake toppers of your own. Now, this unique penguin wedding cake toppers have a big discount like 40% off.What are you waiting for?
  3. Recently reviewed the superhero movie series, it's still classic. In so many super heroes,I really love the spider man and superman, because they are so cool and so handsome. Today, I recommend some super hero penguin wedding cake toppers, it have superman and spider man’s design, so let's see. First of all, we're going to introduce this spider man wedding cake toppers. The bride holds a bouquet of yellow,and the penguin groom wears spider man's clothes.This scene is very familiar, it is quite like usual relationship as lovers. These are second wedding cake toppers, and the groom penguin doesn't change much.But the bride penguin's dress has changed.She was wearing a pink rose,holding a bundle of roses bouquet.I don't know if it symbolizes the bride as beautiful as roses. The spider man's wedding cake toppers has such a style,the bride penguin dressed as a nurse.She is wearing a dark rose in the head,and holding the dark rose bouquet in her hand.A noble and elegant temperament arises spontaneously. Finally, there are superman penguin wedding cake toppers.The penguin groom is wearing superman costumes, handsome and charming.The bride is wearing a white transparent veil,and the decorations are emerald green.It's perfect. In the sacred wedding hall, you can have such lovely super hero penguin wedding cake toppers , is really a very enviable thing.I'm sure they'll make the wedding the most beautiful day.
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