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  1. After reading some of the forums on here both me and my fiancee are quite discouraged. We want to have a destination wedding with about 10 guest in Mexico or Dominican Rep. We were hoping to keep the budget at about 6k.... Is this even possible in 2017? Anyone with similar experiences? Thanks for your help!
  2. Me and my fiancee are currently looking at resort for a destination wedding in Early 2019. We are looking at both Dominican Rep and Mexico as possible destinations but are open to other countries not named Cuba (nothing wrong with Cuba, just been there way to many times). We are looking for a nice resort to do a beach wedding, that is cost effective to both us and our guest. Can any one suggest any resorts that I could be looking at...any also if there is a specific time in Feb/Mar/Apr that we can do it that would give us the best price? Thank you for all your help!!! D & J
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