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  1. You are looking really Gorgeous in this dress. You have a great choice and looks pretty than Model... https://goo.gl/ZgXo8Q
  2. Great source for getting the beautiful dresses at affordable prices. Thanks for it... https://goo.gl/ZgXo8Q
  3. Really great idea to make the day beautiful with this Surprise... Good Luck!!
  4. Yeah, there is the great collection for baby girls but not for my sister, who's going to be married......
  5. You's dress really beautiful and you also look gorgeous in it. So just do which you want to do, because it's your special day. Ignore others comments.......
  6. stevenhenry018

    Wedding Dress

    Yeah Thanks For it, We are looking to buy wedding dress for my sister. Great help for us!!
  7. stevenhenry018

    Choosing A Resort!

    Runaway Bay in Jamaica a Perfect destination for wedding. It makes your wedding memorable.
  8. stevenhenry018

    Budget Wedding In Italy?

    I think it can be most costly for you if you hire individually all things. Hire a wedding planner a good option to save some money and clear all things with wedding planner.
  9. Thanks for it!! If somebody looking reliable destination for the wedding the bluestone room the best place for the wedding, sports, bar and much more. I usually, do visit here.
  10. stevenhenry018

    Win Your Wedding Photography

    Still does not exist it, Provide other source.
  11. Looking gorgeous in this dress!
  12. It looks really nice. Surely get it for next wedding.
  13. stevenhenry018

    Planning The Reception!

    That's great idea!! Good Luck!!
  14. WOW!! Thanks for sharing valuable website. I also want to gift the same dress to my GF. Thanks a lot!!