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  1. Question for Moon Palace brides If you wedding was outdoors and ended at 10pm was that it for your party? I’m asking because majority of my family is used to sangeet and reception ending at 2am. I want to hold some events outdoors but they have to end so early! 10pm is too early to end a party so that’s why I’m asking what did you and your guests to afterwards ? End it there or move the party indoors ? I would assume that’s more cost
  2. Indian brides of Moon Palace/Cancun - where did you find garlands for your ceremony? Or did you pack them with you?
  3. Indian brides who married in Cancun Moon Palace Did you bring your own garlands for the wedding? Did you find some in Cancun? As well as all other necessities for prayers and the ceremony- where did you find everything from Cancun? Where did you find your preist? I want to have my Sangeet outdoors but they only allow outdoors until 10pm. So did you end your party then or move it Indoors because I have a lot of Indian families are used to staying up til 2am partying.
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