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    Hi, Newbie Here

    Asia would be more adventurous and Carribean more relaxing. We're getting married in Mexico so will be extending our trip and staying an extra week in Mexico. The following year we're taking a second honeymoon and travelling to Thailand. It depends what kind of vacation you're looking for
  2. jessicacv

    Barcelo Maya Beach Brides

    @@edyta91 I am also getting married at the Barcelo in April 2019! Congrats! I'm looking for a photographer/videographer myself. I've tried finding reviews about Novia Mia but havent found very many which I find odd. You'd think if they were a reputable company they would have a lot of reviews. So far I'm considering other photographers as some of their prices with the $700 resort fee still end up being cheaper than Novia Mia. Novia Mia also has I think about 8 photographers, so I would contact them to make sure you know which one will be photographing your wedding. The no review thing bugs me though so we may be going with another company. They also haven't been overly friendly over email or willing to budge much on prices. I'm looking at the following photographers: Cecilia Dumas Photo Studio AB They're prices are reasonable (cheaper than Novia Mia including the resort fee). Please let me know if you find out more info about Novia Mia
  3. @@Mohito3869 I am also still searching for my wedding photographer however have been emailing back and forth with Cecilia Dumas. I found her prices to be quite reasonable and also really like her work. Her prices are quite good if one of her associate photographers are taking the pics (she still edits them) - Ballpark I think it was around $1600 - $1700 USD for 7 hours. If you want her to photograph your wedding the prices are a bit higher. Have you been able to find a photographer that you liked and thought was reasonable? I am still deciding myself
  4. @@smfahey Thank you very much for your detailed review! This will be very helpful when I start planning my wedding at the Barcelo Maya! I am getting married in April 2019 and am looking into photographers at the moment. The resort photographer at the Barcelo Maya is Novia Mia. Their photos on their website are very nice however I'm having a hard time finding any info about their company (other than their website). I've seen a few reviews online but cant find anything on this site (which I find strange). I think the Barcelo recently switched photographer companies to Novia Mia so maybe this is why I cant find much info. They charge a $700 vendor fee to bring in an outside photographer so we were hoping to avoid this. If anyone has any info or reviews about Novia Mia photography this would be appreciated! Thanks PS - I would love to share info I get along the way if other brides getting married at the Barcelo Maya are looking to do the same!
  5. Hello everyone! I am in the beginning planning stages and am still picking out resorts. Barceló Maya is one of my top picks because of the beautiful wedding gazebo and nice beaches (a lot of Mexico has a lot of seaweed now). Hoping to get any feedback about this resort but also have some specific questions. - I emailed the Barceló wedding team 1 month ago to get the basic wedding package info as well as extra costs/locations etc. however haven't heard back. I saw the wedding packages online however it doesn't go into specifics. Does anyone have any tips on how I can get a hold of them?? I assume they have a general email they send out to new brides which I don't know why its taking so long (other resorts seems to have a template with all wedding info that they send right away and you could sift through it). - If any brides have already received this info from the resort, can you please send it to me by email: jessicacv@outlook.com - Is there an extra cost to have your reception at the coral restaurant? It looks beautiful. - Have any brides + their guests stayed at the other 4 resorts (except palace) but gotten married at the Palace? Was hoping to stay at one of the other 4 resorts but get married at the Palace Gazebo and have everyone head to the Palace lobby bar for drinks afterwards but not sure if they charge for this since you're not a guest at the Palace? - Any suggestions for the best resort to stay at (other than Palace, since its obviously the nicest one). - For bringing your own decorations, do they charge you to have them set them up? Thanks in advance for the help! Congrats to all the brides. P.S. I will share any info I receive from the resort as well to help the other brides Thank you for the thorough review. It was very helpful. And congrats! If you have any pictures to share that would be great. Pictures of your hair and makeup would be great as well
  6. Thank you Ta patty! Thank you JBwedding. We like the now larimar because of the ceremony location at the fountains and know of 3 people who've had their wedding or attended a wedding there and liked the resort. I've priced some things out already based on pricing from the resort and everything (including fully decorated tables and some other décor) came to under $10,000. I'm not sure what that couple chose to make the price so high. I appreciate you letting me know, and will keep this in mind
  7. Hello brides! My fiancé and I are in the planning stages for our wedding and are very interested in booking at the Now Larimar. It's a little overwhelming as we're both new to this, so looking for any and all advice anyone can provide It would be greatly appreciated! We're planning to get married in April 2019 to avoid spring break and storm season. I know its early, but I'd rather be prepared ahead of time - How far in advance did you book this resort for your wedding guests to get the best prices? - If anyone can help provide a guide to how much they paid? We live in NB Canada and were quoted a price of $1925 for the larimar (not the now garden) which is all inclusive flights/hotel etc.. We know someone who attended a wedding at the larimar 3 years ago and paid around $1500, this feels like a big jump in price. I'm wondering if prices are high because we are booking too early (still have 1 year 8 months to go). - Wondering if its better to book with a travel agent or do it myself through the resorts airlines to get the best prices. Any booking tips would be appreciated! - How far in advance should I book the wedding date with the resort to ensure I'm able to get the ceremony/reception locations we want? - We were looking to get prices for both the Now larimar and the now garden and give people the option of choosing. Does anyone know if the bride and groom could still use the "credits" at the now larimar if most of the guests book at the now garden? - Anyone who has either been to the now larimar or gotten married there, how was the service, food, rooms etc..? I'm a little concerned about the food compared to Mexico as there food is pretty good! We're looking for a nice/classy hotel but not too expensive for our guests. - Have any brides gotten their wedding hair and makeup done at the spa at the larimar? How was it? Did the hair last through the humidity? I'm worried my hair wont hold up in the humid air - Has anyone booked the master suite (biggest room) at the larimar? Was it worth it? A lot of questions here, but really appreciate any help/advice anyone can give Congrats to all the brides