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  1. I've been crunching my numbers over and over and I'm still worried more people will show up than I am anticipating and budgeting for. I would like to put somewhere on my wedding website that guests do not have to feel obligated to come....without making them feel like I don't want them to come. I have a very large family, and so does the groom. We assumed most of the family wouldn't attend. However, now that we have been talking about it with family, we are getting more "I plan to come" responses than we anticipated. We are also dealing with parents who are excited and have already mentioned the wedding/hotel/date to some of their friends whom we did not plan to invite, but now we have to because it has already been brought up by our parents. I'm really starting to stress because the venue we booked only holds 120 for a reception and with unanticipated growing numbers I am afraid we will go over the limit. Any advice on how best to word my website without offending anyone? I was thinking something along the lines of "While we hope that you all will be able to make it, we truly understand if you are unable yo attend. We hope to celebrate with you leading up to and/or after the Wedding". I would just like to make it a little more friendlier and not offensive.