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  1. Thank, I am going to Ikea today!!!! I totally forgot about the plant and flower section.
  2. Hi I am planning to do the same thing with the table setting...I can't make up my mind were to buy the fake flowers though. Yours look pretty nice...were did you purchase them if you dont mind me asking?
  3. Hi Ladies, WE are finally booked in the Iberostar Suites Hotel after much much research and comparisons. Definitely wasn't easy based on the many options. Still shopping for decorators since the flowershops that are offered by the hotel is super expensive! Vidography and photographer still looking in that. So excited!!!
  4. What was Godfrey his package price if you don't mind me asking...
  5. Hi, what is the cost on the chairs or package...trying to get a feel on how much I need to consider.
  6. Hi Beautifuls,

  7. I am interested in your fans - and white ribbon wands? How much for the two and are you willing to send via mail? thanks, diane
  8. Hi would be interested in the OOT bags and jelly wrist --- even though I would need more jelly wrist bands. Thanks, Diane
  9. Can't decide between Tensing Pen or Rockhouse?

    1. DnD


      We changed from an all inclusive resort to a cliff side wedding. Now the hard choice is what is more cost effective Tensing Pen or Rockhouse? Anyone with insight?


  10. Does he have a package pricing or how does he quote prices? Also, did you have to pay travel cost for the videographer? It was absolutely awesome to watch!!! Diane
  11. Hi, did you receive a price list for the decorations he provides?
  12. Who did the stunning video? So far we were over our budget.
  13. Hi....just curious as to the price difference with the photographer you chose. I understand that you have to pay a vendor fee on top of their commission?
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