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  1. Hello, i am hoping to start a new thread to share information about Riu Palace. I am having my reception there January/February 2018. I was wondering if anyone could help me out with a few things! If you have been married here, or are getting married here, that would be awesome if you could share some insight! I am wondering what you did about open bar? I would love to have my guests all together until at least 1 am. Is there a fee to having a reception in the ballroom? Does this include food? Are we able to go and buy our own hard alcohol for our guests? Thank you so much
  2. Hello, I am looking for some help! I am going to be having my ceremony off site but my reception at Riu palace or sante fe! I heard Sate fe lets you go until 1 am? Does anyone have pictures of the ballroom? I am also looking for a food list and prices? Thanks so much!
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    Cabo Del Sol

    Hello! Just wondering if anyone could tell me their final price at Cabo del sol?! If you had 70+ people Thanks!!
  4. Hi ladies, I am looking at booking at Cabo del sol but i am unsure about final prices! I am scared everything will add up, and I will be left with not being able to afford it! We are thinking of having around 70-100 people; and want to have the place until midnight! Does anyone have an idea of the total price? We wAnt to stay under 30,000 Canadian! Thanks a lot!