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  1. @@cruisebride2016 Great group shot! We got a travel agent thankfully. I would love to just make a reservation at Giovanni''s for all of us but I think since it's such a big group they are giving us issues. Royal Wedding is frustratingso I'm glad we went with a planner in Jamaica, just nervous how everything will work out. We ordered the same luggage tags were just going to mail them out with the information letter we're sending. The day of your wedding did your guests have so time to go exploring?
  2. @@cruisebride2016 We booked a Balcony room on the independence of the seas as of now we have 30 rooms. How many people did you have? We want to pay for everyone for Chops or Giovanni's put I dont know how to do so without doing the buyout and I want to get a cake too, did you give out welcome bags if so how did you do it? You're great help thank you
  3. @@cruisebride2016 thanks for your reply Ive read your thread and it has helped a lot thank you for posting. We ended up booking a wedding planner in Jamaica since Royal was not responding to any of my emails for the ceremony I'm just not sure what to do about a reception we talked about doing a buyout of a specialty restaurant but might be out of the budget and wanted to order a cake onboard but again getting the run around. Any ideas would be great.
  4. We have booked with rrcl for a 5 night Western Caribbean Cruise with the knowledge we were going to have the ceremony we wanted on the day at sea well now that we're booked we are told no so now I am looking for another option for a ceremony in Falmouth or Labadee while we're docked. Wedding is Feb 2018 Any help wil be appreciated
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