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  1. @babijol- for the bridal suite and the outside vendors, are they keeping track of that in order to collect the $500 vendor fee? I'm using an outside make up artist but was just going to purchase a day pass for her for $125 instead of paying the $500 fee, do you think this will still work with getting her into the bridal suite without them knowing I didn't pay the fee? This may be a good idea too since I'll have at least 6 girls getting makeup done and we will probably all get our hair done at the spa.
  2. @Kcusack89- that looks pretty! Did it stay well? I wanted to do something similar and add a headband right in front of the "bump" in the back (I have no idea what it is called) and just have a few strands hang in the front.
  3. Thank you ladies for the information! That makes me feel better about the food, salon and location sites! I have a hair trial on the 21st when I arrive, so hopefully I am happy with it because I don't think I can afford anyone off site . That makes me happy about the food being good too- you never know what you are going to get when you go to some resorts! I keep hearing all these great things about the terrace, I am excited to check it out- but yeah $5K is absolutely absurd. Maybe I can sweet talk my fiance into securing it if we both love it! @Kcusack89- do you mind sharing pictures of your hair and makeup trial with us? If you don't want to, it's totally ok! What kind of style did you do for your hair? I'm so jealous that your wedding is almost here! I'm so anxious to get this party started How was the beach during the day? Was it super windy? As of right now we are having a beach ceremony with cocktail hour and reception on the decks. I'm hoping that there is a little breeze so we all don't sweat to death, but super windy would be super annoying too. I guess this is sort of unpredictable though- i'm just trying to make sure we pick the best locations for everything!
  4. @@Kcusack89, Yup I am. It is super helpful. I was just hoping to get some perspective from someone who just came back from visiting. Sometimes I get confused with the facebook group too because it can be hard to figure out which location the brides are having or had their wedding at.
  5. I got in 10 days for the BPD! How was your trip and weather? Did you do any food tastings, if so what did you try? How about cake? How were the different locations for the ceremony and reception? Anything look different than what is shown on their website?
  6. Hi ladies! So I was in touch with Blushing Brides over the weekend getting quotes for make up, etc. They are a little bit on the more expensive side, but she did give me a great tip. She said that to get around the vendor fee, go to the front desk the day before the wedding and purchase a day pass. You can tell the front desk it is for a bridesmaid who is in the wedding party but staying at a different resort. You will need to give a first and last name. If you tell them that they are a wedding guest then the time restriction normally associated with the day pass is removed. She said she has done this so many times before and it works out great and avoids the $500 vendor fee. Just wanted to let you guys know!
  7. Thanks for the responses @@babijol and @@tiffanyt! I am hoping that since they don't offer the service they will be flexible with the vendor fee, I am willing to pay the $100 day pass but not anything more. It doesn't make it worth it then. I can understand a photographer or DJ, but for a lady to come and do make up for a few hours is just insane to charge that. Plus the travel expense for the MUA on top of it. Woof. Ok if I hear anything different I will be sure to let you guys know! Happy Friday
  8. So, I started thinking about airbrush make up and started looking at MUA in the Montego Bay area. I can swallow their travel costs, etc. I just don't know how to justify spending an additional $500 for the vendor fee. I was really hoping that the day pass would be sufficient. I know this was asked a few days ago, but I was wondering if anyone had any updates on that issue? I was told by my travel agent that Julianne from the resort should have reached out to me already, but I haven't heard anything from her yet. In case no one knows the answer for sure I will let you know once I get in touch with someone from the resort!
  9. @@Kcusack89, I just saw your posts. I'm sorry I didn't acknowledge them sooner, I'm still getting use to the forum! Thanks for the information. I think we are going to do a buffet also just because of the number of options like you stated, but we will definitely try out of the food when we go this April. Is the ballroom terrace not always available for weddings? @Babkijol- we will have to compare notes after both of our preview days. If there is anything that you want me to check out for you that you may have forgotten on your trip just let me know and I can check for you when I am there! Thanks for the flower suggestions, I'll take a peek at their websites if they have one.
  10. @@tiffanyt Nope, not yet. I contacted my travel concierge who I am using as the middle man contact about getting in touch with a coordinator, but she said I am still too early and probably 4 months before the wedding they will get in touch with me. I'm sure my trip in April will expedite that. I might take your suggestion and do the trial this April when I am there. I was thinking the same thing about my nails too, I don't know if I want gel or acrylic and the package only includes a regular manicure. Let me know what you decide! How are you getting your dress there? I've ready horror stories about bring it on as a carry on as well as shipping it before hand. Are you shipping your decor/napkins/flowers beforehand or taking packing it in a suitcase and checking the bag?
  11. @@tiffanyt, our flight on April 23 is not until later in the afternoon so we are doing a late check-out, I will have to take a peek at your wedding set up! That is so exciting! Where did you get your silk flowers from? Oh, and $7 a napkin? Wow, so crazy. Thanks for letting me know about the vendor fee for our friends who will be taking photos. That at least takes off some pressure with our budget. Also, didn't even think about the lighting outside. I think my fiance wants to scrap the idea of the deck reception now and move it to somewhere that is inside/outside. I guess we can figure that out when we are there in April. Are you using the resorts salon for hair and makeup? Did you do a trial or are you going to do one before the wedding? I'm super nervous about that. How is your coordinator? I wonder if we will have the same one. Thanks for all of your help/tips!
  12. @@babijol, we are pretty much wedding twins- we are doing our wedding preview April 21! I apologize in advance, I will probably be pestering you a lot with suggestions/ideas/thoughts! If I get annoying just tell me to leave you alone! haha Is the ballroom terrace and inside/outside area? We really wanted our reception to be outdoors, but we want to make sure we have enough space. I saw pictures of the lawn, it looks so beautiful with the ocean in the background As for the the other vendors, let me know how it goes with the other florists with their prices, etc. We have friends who are guests to the wedding but are also going to be our photographer (I know- friendors are not a good idea but we are paying for their stay and flights and they insisted since I helped one of them with their divorce for free (I'm a divorce attorney). In any event, do you think we will have to still pay the vendor fee for them if they are guests at the hotel and wedding? I'm hoping not. But your are so right, almost $6K for 5 hours of photos? Absolutely insane! The DJ cost is insane as well. We were going to bite the bullet and just do it for the reception for 3 hours. Who are you going to use for the DJ instead and what are their prices? I'm worried about the MUA too. How much is your girl? Does she do hair also? Again, I am so sorry for the questions! Thanks!!
  13. Hi everyone! I am getting married at the Hyatt Ziva April 20, 2018. I know it is super far in advance, but I am looking to see if anyone has information regarding the cost of all the "extras" (meaning flowers, centerpieces, decor, etc.). We are going to a wedding preview this coming April which we are super pumped about, but wanted to see if we could get a head start with looking at the other prices we need to consider. Also, where is/was your reception? Right now we are scheduled to have ours on the deck over by the gazebo but I am worried that there is not enough space for our guests and a place to dance unless we order the $1,500 dance floor (which is just absurd to us). Thanks in advance!
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