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  1. Hi! New to this so sorry for piggybacking on your topic I just didn't know how to start a new thread! We are getting married at Generations in September. Most of our guests are staying in EDR or EDCR. We are getting married on the pier and considering purchasing our reception dinner, BBQ Deluxe to be exact. Just looking for feedback and ideas and to chat with other ladies in the same boat
  2. Hi everyone! First time poster, months long lurker We booked our wedding at GDR for September 14, 2017. Most of us are staying at EDR and a few people at EDC but we really liked the idea of getting married on the pier at GDR as it will protect some of our older family members from the heat and has a less chance of a change of location if it rains. We have an estimated guest list of 40 with 26 booked so far. We used Destination Weddings to get us group rates for some people, the rest of my wedding party will be staying as members as my parents and I are members al EDR. I have Maritza from Lomas as my wedding coordinator and after a first bad start, she seems to be good at getting back to me with answers to all my questions within a few days. We first decided to go with a Memorable Moments package but after calculating what we needed and what we didn't, we decided to go a la carte instead. I have a friend who had her destination wedding last year and she kept reminding me that no one remembers decorations but the activities instead. So we are focusing on some cool tote bags with gifts and possibly adding on to the reception "free" dinner as it seems to restrictive to me. We are using the free dinner that comes with Always and Forever for our welcome dinner on the Monday night and the free reception dinner is the one we "earned" by getting 16 rooms. Personally I am more inclined to purchase the BBQ Deluxe instead for the money and make it a really awesome meal. I keep hearing really good things about it, would anyone have any pics to show me? That was far as we are along right now!
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