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  1. @@CaitlinG @@Lindzyml - my wedding at the ERC will take place in August, I will share any info I can and photos when I get back and hope it will be helpful for you. There is a really great facebook group called "We Love the Excellence Riviera Cancun" that shares information about the resort in general that I have found helpful so far. @@JulieStaad - would you mind sharing the name of the photographer you are using? Was thinking we would use the resort photographer but would love to see another option
  2. Hi All! I am new to the forum and currently planning my wedding at the ERC in August 2017. I was wondering if anyone had any additional photos they were able to share (have looked back in the thread to see what has been posted recently) taken by the resort photographer? I am debating about using them or an outside vendor, but the $500 fee for another vendor seems expensive. Some of the photos I have seen by the resort photographer look amazing, and some I really don't like. Any more photos or experiences to share? Thanks!
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