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  1. Any of the past brides have their reception in the ballroom? If so, how did you guys decorate it? I'm trying to keep the tables pretty plain as the cost of this wedding is adding up. I did like the way the ceiling was set up below and asked the WC how much it would cost to set it up like that and she quoted me $3500 which is crazy expensive! Any pics, advice, or recommendations would be helpful! Thanks!
  2. Did anyone have any issues with the number of offsite guests? When I did the room block, it was only for 20 rooms. And the rooms that were blocked were the standard jacuzzi rooms. I was told that each room has a max capacity of 3 guests per room even though they have double beds. On the site, it states that a minimum of 80% of the guests must be staying at the resort in order to host a wedding there. The rooms are all booked so my guests have had to stay elsewhere. Even though I've encouraged them to stay at the hotel, I can't FORCE them to stay there.
  3. I agree. That's the dilemma I'm having right now. I've seen pictures where they've decorated the room but it's definitely not like other ballrooms I've seen. I am now debating between that and the Mexican restaurant that someone here suggested which would require minimal to no decorations, however, that's also an added $1000 expense. Do you have any pictures of your setup in the ballroom?
  4. Where is everyone planning to have their reception??? I really wanted an indoor reception because it's going to be so hot in June but that carpeting in the grand ballroom is nothing to be desired....
  5. Did you have to pay an outside vendor fee for the photobooth?
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