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  1. @@TandAGetHitched It is coming so fast.. so exciting and overwhelming!! Our reception is at the Palapa Yoga. Our first choice was Plaza Zavas, but it was already booked We are using Studio Twelve:52. Love them. I should add that our current package includes apps and drinks for the cocktail hour. If we get two more rooms booked, our reception dinner would be covered. There's a lot of fine print in the contracts, so make sure you get as many perks as you can!! Are you using a travel agent? I have a giant suitcase I got from a fellow destination bride for free. I can pass it on to you after our wedding if you'd like!
  2. @@TandAGetHitched I'm also in Minnesota! We are getting married this May, so I obviously haven't been to Azul yet, but I can speak about some of what we are doing. We are using the always and forever complimentary package. It comes with the necessities (gazebo, chairs, tables, and white linen), but not much else. We are bringing down decorations in suitcases and renting flowers from Lomas. I would strongly encourage you to bring as much as you can, because Lomas decor is insanely expensive. We are bringing string lights, LED candles, and tulle for the gazebo. It's manageable and plenty enough, given how gorgeous the setting already is! We are flying our photog down from MN. We got several perks in our wedding package, including a free room, so that will offset the cost of his stay. I also opened a Delta AmEx and got 50,000 free miles, which covers his flight. Photography was super important to us, so that's why we splurged but it's really a personal preference! Our private event is just the cost of food, minus 20% (because of our contract). We will have 30-40 people and it shouldn't be more than $700.
  3. @@kat5849 I'm also a May, 2017 bride! I'm flying my phorographer down with me.. it is a much cheaper option for me and it makes me comfortable to know I'll be getting quality photos the resort waives the vendor fee if they stay for three nights. My FH and I are staying 7 nights at the resort - 3 nights after the wedding for our honeymoon. I've been to Riviera Maya several times and highly recommend the Mayan ruins in Tulum as an excursion! Also loved Xcaret.
  4. @@Sweetness14 what's your date?! I'm May 26th, 2017
  5. Ladies who have been to Azul, can you fill me in on the lighting situation at the Palapa Yoga at night? We've confirmed this as our reception location and I'm wondering about string lighting above (since they're on clearance now!) I'm not sure if I can get away with warm glow bulbs, or if I need bright bulbs to make up for a lack of lighting... Any insight would be helpful!! TIA!
  6. Does anyone know the measurements of the Palapa Yoga? I've checked the official thread and couldn't seem to find it! TIA!
  7. @@sarahjayne07 I've looked at our wedding builder and it just says "ceremony location" so I wasn't positive. Thanks for the info! The Sky Deck location looks awesome! @@amyzig2 I've been stalking Katy's facebook page since reading about her on this forum. She has awesome stuff and great prices! Our first choice for reception is already booked, so we're looking at the Zocalo al Fresco terrace. Hoping that isn't booked already! It looks decent from the pictures
  8. Hola (future) friends! I'm new to the forum and have spent the last two days reading through so much of the AWESOME info here! I'm in the early stages of planning, but we've reserved our date of May 26th, 2017! I've requested the Plaza Zavas for our reception and we're waiting on confirmation of that. Our cermony will be on the beach. It seems like many brides have opted to upgrade their weddings to one of the Memorable Moments packages. We qualify for the "complimentary" wedding and I wasn't planning on splurging on decor (we'd rather splurge on photos and music) and I was planning on bringing a lot of decorations down with me. Has anyone gone with the complimentary wedding package? In looking through everything, I'm not even sure they supply a gazebo without extra cost Pros/cons of each option would be helpful! Thanks in advance!!!!