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  1. Hello Ladies! I am working on planning my August 2018 wedding. After a few life changes we are now considering a new resort. We are trying to decide between Azul Fives and Azul Sensatori. Can anyone tell me why they decided to go with Azul Sensatori as their resort? I am working on my research and all responses will be appreciated.
  2. Did you make your paper products (STD's, Invitations, Programs, Etc)? Also if you did what printer did you use? I am pretty sure I have to purchase a new one for these projects. I've been researching printers all day. I am sure I will dream of printers tonight
  3. Hi! So glad to meet another 2018 bride We also have decided on Now Sapphire for our 2018 wedding. I've spent countless hours on this site and it gives you so much valuable information. Now Sapphire plans beautiful weddings and you get a lot for your money there. We have a strict budget and are planning for no more than 35 guests. If you are willing to do the research you will not be disappointed.... there are a lot of ways to cut costs to make sure you have your dream wedding within your budget. Also we are going through Wright Travel Agency, we have Babs as our TA and I must say she is AMAZING. If you haven't already, check out Now's special offers http://www.nowresorts.com/offers they have some good promotions that will help you with costs as well. There is a forum on here dedicated just to Now Sapphire there are a lot of pages but lots of good information and the brides are very nice. https://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/topic/62152-now-sapphire-weddings-formerly-paradisus-riviera/ Happy Planning
  4. Hey Guys! I hope everyone is doing well So time has passed and it looks like we are about ready to finally book our date. We had to change our date (which we are currently waiting for the new prices to be sent to us). For my past brides how did the process of paying the deposit go? In one of the first emails i received from Anel she attached the credit card authorization form and I will admit I had a hard time understanding some of the lines. It makes me nervous putting all of my information on the form and sending it. I assume that that is the only way to get it to here so I will get over the nervousness. Did anyone have any troubles when it came to the deposit? Those photos you attached are of the bridal suite?? It looks very nice!
  5. @@Gabyc22 Yes photos would be great! I was looking at Generations, Hyatt Ziva (Out of my price range), Beach Palace, And Hard Rock. If I was to choose another resort it would be Beach Palace I like the perks they offer. But another thing im quite picky about are the suites. I want a oceanfront room with a jacuzzi on the balcony & Now sapphire offers it at a reasonable price. I was surprised how some resorts dont even offer it. Date wise we were actually hoping for Aug 18 2018 but it being hurricane season scares me. So we went to May 2018
  6. @Gabyc22 I was done researching and we planned on booking our date and blocking our rooms next month, I started buying my supplies for my save the dates and everything. Then a few more resorts popped up and now I am re-thinking my decision. I hear a lot about the seaweed and that scares me because I do plan on going to the beach. But in all honesty that is the only con I hear about when it comes to this resort. Part of me feel that this is just me having the jitters because this is such a big step. I'm scared of making the wrong decision.
  7. I am also a 2018 Bride! My location was set for Now Sapphire but I have a few new locations that has caught my eye. Smh all my fault because I can never make my mind up Lol
  8. @@SSpartyof2 Welcome!! I am also planning for a 2018 wedding! This site is soooo helpful you will find a lot of valuable information on here. I am in the US so a few of my details will vary due to our locations but I will share what I have come up with so far. 1) Can anyone recommend a travel agent? I am located in Bowmanville, Ontario (Canada) I am using Wright Travel Agency they are fantastic but also locatedin the US. If you do a little more searching on here you will find brides that are also located in Canada and the travel agents companies they have used. If I come across them I will be sure to let you know. 2) What resorts can accommodate $2000 or less for my quests, but still be reallllyyy nice? I am going to the Now Sapphire Resort in Cancun. Its priced well in my opinion and its a very beautiful resort. I know a few brides from Canada went to this resort with there guests paying from $1500-2000. 3) What price range am I actually looking at? I'd love to stay around the $10,000 limit. At this moment I am at around 15,000 for everything total. Its best to make a list of everything important to you and go from there. Now sapphire has there wedding brochures online for you to see. You get a lot for your money at that resort. 10,000 should be doable.
  9. @@vancouverpetunia I sent her a message..... now to wait for a response, fingers crossed! If you don't mind me asking, was your gazebo included in your Divine Package?
  10. I Am Also In Search Of One For My Wedding Day And So Far The Two I Am Considering Is Styling Trio And Melissa V From MVP Hair And Makeup
  11. @@vancouverpetunia That is such a good idea! That helps me out soooo much, thank you. The photo idea with family and friends is perfect. I will make a special note about the wedding DJ app. If you don't mind could you tell me where you rented your sound system from?
  12. @@vancouverpetunia Thank you for your response! OMG yes I meant TA, I don't know what made me say travel planner. I actually have been communicating with an agent from Wright Travel and she has been amazing. Did you make your own package or did you use one of the packages they offer? I have been communicating with Anel and she gave me the option of building my own due to the fact that some of the services included we will not need but I am finding this to be a bit more pricey so we are now thinking about choosing a package and just not using some of the things. How did it go with renting the sound system? Did you assign one person to announce your first dance, etc.? We are considering doing the same, I already have an Ipod so it will be saving us a bit more money which is a good thing. As far as makeup and hair-styling did you use an outside artist?
  13. @@LeanneP Sounds Good Thank You! I'll Stick To Wedding Wire. @@cruisebride2016 Thats a good idea, It would be cool for both sides of our family to interact a bit before the wedding. We weren't to big on a Facebook page but that just sold me lol
  14. @@JasminMattPhoto Thank you, we are currently looking into changing our date to May 18th 2018 just to make it a little more easier. No tropical storms just have to avoid rain. @@Moments That Matter your photos are absolutely beautiful could I possibly get a price list sent over to me?
  15. @@tiffanyt Okay that sounds good. Wedding wire was one of the sites I was looking into. I originally liked this one site (i cant remember the name) it gave you tons of options and you had your own app as well, but it was for about 60$ a year and I can't justify that expense when other sites like WeddingWire works perfectly fine. Are you making a Facebook group or Instagram page as well for your guests or are you stopping at the wedding website?
  16. Hi All! Where did you create your wedding website? I see so many options I don't know which to pick. Since we are changing our date to an early 2018 date we want to atleast get everything set in stone by the end of the year so we can send out STD's but I also want us to have a wedding site for our guests to use as a reference. For older guests who doesn't use much technology did you find yourself sending a more detailed STD? I have a few family members who don't use the internet or anything so I am thinking about making special STD's including all of the resort information and details while others visit our site.
  17. So glad I ran across this website. I have spent some time reading this thread and it had helped me out a lot with most of my questions, it will for sure be a resource to help me as I continue with my planning. Can anyone recommend a good TA to me? I am still in the early stages of planning my wedding and I have learned that its best for me to have a travel agent. I just don't know where to go....
  18. I am so glad that I found a community of brides and grooms that are planning a destination wedding just like me. I just recently got engaged to the man of my dreams and now we are ready to start planning the wedding of our dreams. We originally had plans set for a wedding here locally but as the planning continued our budget raised to close to $35,000 and I began to question if it was worth it. After several events we decided to stick with a destination wedding, and I couldn't be happier! I've spent 6 weeks researching resorts and I have made the decision on Now Sapphire Resort. From the pricing to the reviews I believe I made the best choice. We are looking at approximately 25-30 guests with a budget hopefully of 15,000. We would love to get married next year but we want to do things right and allow our guests to have enough time to pay for this vacation as well as take care of a few life situations therefore we decided to go for a 2018 wedding which is fine with me Me being a newbie and not having any experience in this I am feeling a bit overwhelmed planning this wedding. I would love to hear your stories thus far on wedding planning, etc. I also have a few questions so if anyone could assist me that would be great! 1) When planning your wedding did you use a travel planner? Is it best to have a travel planner for your guests? 2) Do you plan on visiting your resort prior to your wedding day? 3) I've done some research and found that a lot of brides brought some decorations to help with costs can anyone provide some advice on doing this? 4) What date did you book you wedding day for? We originally planned for August 18, 2018 (Our anniversary) but I have been scared off by the chances of rain and it being hurricane season. 5) What is your budget, how easy has it been to stick with it? So excited to meet you all, and I look forward to planning with you!
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