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  1. I am soooooo upset right now! I received a call from my wedding planner at Sandals Montego Bay two days ago advising me that Sandals no longer allow copy written music on my wedding video! Meaning, I can walk down the isle to "our song" but the video will not have ANY of our actual chosen music!! How can they do this? They provided me with a list of unknown songs and composers that sound like "karaoke" at best! OMG!!! This is horrible. My FI states we can just bring the DVD home and have it modified with our music. However, thats additional costs for us! Has anyone else encountered this probl
  2. My wedding is coming up in 82days! I would like to know if anyone has wedded at the Sandals Montego Bay since the renovation. Any responses will be greatly apprecitated.
  3. OMG 82 days!! I cant believe it!!

  4. Great list! I didnt think to tell my guest what attire to bring. I wonder if I should put that in an email or what?
  5. Oh My My!! and only 3mths to go? Good luck with everything. I'm getting married in Jamaica with only 20 guest and its a lot to deal with. I hope most of your guest have paid in full. Im waiting until each is paid in full for some wedding items. I dont want to purchase things that go unused and waste our money! As for hair, I have a friend from Jamaica that is coming to the wedding who will do my daughter hair. Myself, I am going to rock micro braids because I just dont want to worry about "hair". good luck again!!
  6. Congrats! I am getting married in October in Jamaica! Sandals Montego Bay. I wish you the very best!! How's the planning going?
  7. I am getting married in Jamaica on 10/29/16. We had to have notarized copies of the divorce decree. We sent originals via mail to the wedding coordinator at Sandals. We're set to go!!
  8. I love the first picture! However the others will not open for me. States "Not Found"
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