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  1. @@kelsieprice yeah, that is the bummer about not knowing your exact schedule/locations for things. Maybe she can finalize them with you before you leave and you could still have time to print them out? Or, like you said, you may end up just filling it in by hand lol. When is your wedding date?
  2. @@kelsieprice I am only about 10 days away from the wedding and still don't have everything finalized! lol. I am trying not to stress about it... I did wait to send the Final Decisions form to Ariana until about 3 weeks out because guests were still booking rooms! Ugh. So Ariana has sent me a final spreadsheet/chart with all the details, but I sent her a couple additional requests and she hasn't gotten back to me yet. We'll see I guess. Sounds like you have most everything figured out too. I know other brides have said once you get down there and meet with the WC, you can make some changes and finalize everything again.
  3. I think it might also depend on how soon your wedding is. She has been very responsive to me in the last few weeks - usually responding to emails within 2-3 days. My wedding is in 2 weeks though, so she seems to be more responsive now than she was a few months ago. If it's been longer than 2 weeks, you should maybe just try sending her a follow up/reminder email just in case the email fell off her radar. Ariana is still around - she emailed me yesterday, but it's been frustrating communicating over the last year!
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