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  1. Congratulations on your marriage!! I just locked in my date for April of 2017. I have some questions about pricing. So far I only have quotes for photographer and DJ services. Can I ask some of the pricing for the cake and any extras? I just want to get a feel of what we are looking at for the total since we don't start planning until 3 months before. If you want you can email me directly. Thanks dawnnliv@gmail.com
  2. This is a review of:

    Adventure Weddings Las Caletas

    Questions about upcoming wedding at Caletas, please advise!

    I have my wedding date set for the end of April 2017 at Las Caletas. So I guess we will not start planning with the planner for another month or so. Can anyone tell me what I need to bring with me. I am not working at the this time so have plenty of time on my hands to get ready but not sure what I need to do/bring. If anyone can give me some advise, please email me privately at dawnlberryhill@sbcglobal.net.    
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