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  1. Just got back from our wedding at ERC. I do not know where to begin, there are so many great things to say about the resort. It was AMAZING! I cannot express enough how awesome of a job our WC Alejandra did! The wedding was organized and stayed on time. Our songs we picked to walk down the aisle was played on time, the cocktail hour, reception, staff, the photographer Ashley did an amazing job with the pictures, the whole wedding for lack of a better word, was PERFECT! Brides to be, please try not to stress about your wedding day at ERC. I know it's hard to do, but your day will be an amazing as well. WC Alejandra - She was easy to work with. My now wife gave our decorations to Alejandra at our meeting and she made sure all went according to plan. Ashley - she was the photographer with ERC. Her pictures came out Beautifully! She scheduled a meeting with us as well to go over types of pics we would like and she also recommended other shots for the wedding. She was easy and fun to work with as well. I highly recommend using Ashley. ERC staff - they work so hard to ensure all the guests have an amazing stay. The staff are so friendly, we didn't want to leave. Just to name a few of the staff we spoke with almost daily, Sportsbar - Genaro, Martini Bar - Oscar and Leonel, Chez Isabella restaurant - Ramon and Jesus, Spice restaurant - Daniel and Edwin, Waiter/Waitress staff at the pool bar - Karla and Oscar (same Oscar at Martini Bar), Waiter at Bar by Pavillion - Eleuterio and the Waiter staff at our Wedding - Amir and Jassiel. Please let me know if you have any questions.
  2. @@Tighev - Lol, i'll let you know how the lighting goes for Las Olas for our cocktail hour. If lighting is poor, I'll ask our guests to take out their iphones and turn on their flash lights, haha! We have 30 guests, including my fiancee and I. As far as tipping goes, that's good question, haven't thought about that. @@kjb0528 - Thank you for shedding "light" on my question, no pun intended, haha! sorry, bad pun joke, lol. Seriously, thank you for your information. I'm hoping we don't need to add lighting, a string of 20 bulbs is $232. @@lynne1609 - Thank you for responding to my inquiry as well. What transportation shuttle services are you all using? I was thinking of going to www.expedia.com and booking, but if anyone knows of an affordable, reliable shuttle service, please let me know. I would like to give this information to my guests as well. Thanks, Louis
  3. Hello Everyone! First off, congrats to all the Brides to be! My fiancee and I are having our wedding at ERC as well, in late June 2016. Thank you all for sharing your experiences and information. Our wedding is set for 5pm on the beach. In the process of confirming our cocktail hour at Las Olas and reception at the Lobster House. We chose the Gold package. Since our cocktail hour will be at Las Olas (once confirmed) will we need lights? I think we should be okay with the daylight, right? Will the Lobster House (once confirmed) have proper lighting for the reception? Can anyone recommend a good photographer from the company the resort uses? We chose the sound system versus a DJ. Has anyone heard of any issues with using ERC's sound system? Our WP is Alejandra. She has been great so far. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Louis
  4. This is a review of:

    Seasons Photo Studio

    Beautiful Photos

    Pros: None
    Cons: She was responsive, organized, a pleasure to work with, we received our pictures a day later, just an amazing photographer
    We worked with Ashley at the Excellence Riviera Cancun resort and were blown away of how beautiful the pictures were.  Ashley was such a pleasure to work with.  She responded to my emails timely and was a true professional.  Her talent and love for what she does showed through in our photos and I couldn't be more happier!  She definitely exceeded our expectations.   Ashley, thank you so very much!  You did an amazing job!
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