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  1. Hi I am flying out the 14th June 2017 for two weeks, though I am also waiting on my confirmation from the start of May. So frustrating as I am unable to order invites. Hotel looks amazing and cannot wait until we go x
  2. Yeah no problem just whenever suits. Yeah but I wanted to bring my own as it will be something i can keep. I will give mine to a bridesmaid then buy additional 2. I know I am panicking about travelling with everything, I have a couple of ideas like the tumbler plastic cups for drinks, you can get some nice ones. Then just bits and bobs like lip protector, paracetamol, mints, mosquito spray etc I wanted to get kids something nice but unsure what. Those colours will be beautiful together. We have not decided about what the men are wearing yet, we had though sandy coloured shorts and white shirt
  3. o that is great, now I dont know what to do lol. Thanks for emailing. I am bringing my own bouquet, and I am doing welcome bags for each guest but haven't decided what im doing in regards to decor as haven't picked my colours yet. Are you on facebook, I am in a few closed groups and they are so helpful aswell x
  4. o really I read on here i think that it was 65 dollors per head. yeah could you please email any info you have? my email is laureenwarren1@yahoo.co.uk. Thanks for your help. Are you planning on bringing any decor with you? x
  5. My sister is doing makeup but I have not organised hair but probably use the hotel as the vendor fee is so high. I thought it was alot more to have private dinner? I havent got prices yet just be getting info on here. How much is the dinner private if you dont mind me asking? x
  6. Yes i will let you know as soon as i hear! Hopefully they will get back to you soon then. What are you doing for hair and makeup ? Yeah i suppose you would need speakers if your having your dinner there also, we plan just to do speeches at our dinner which will be in one of the restaurants. X
  7. O goodness so yours was sent a good bit before mine. Hopefully it wont take much longer, you will have to let me know once you get confirmation. No never been a few family members have and loved it so I cant wait, im on looking at reviews and pictures near everyday lol how sad ha ha. Im planning on bringing my own sound as I have read a few have done this and worked really well, then I can do my own playlist. x
  8. I booked on 4th May so two weeks ago today. I have about 15 more invites to send though personally I think many wont be able to attend due to having children and having to pay a full adult price for any kids over 2. I had initially wanted the beach then i seen photos of people sunbathing beside ceremony.. not very private. I have requested 5.00pm ceremony but was thinking of getting some photos before, i just think that time of year will be too warm and wanted it as late as possible. Have you been to Mexico before? x
  9. Yeah well i am roughly the same with invites, I have booked 18 of us so far including us. Yeah when I initially went in to get prices when flights were released the girl messed it all up and give me prices for this year which was a few hundred cheaper than 2017 so we will prob find that it will fluctuate. Yeah she did say to me it could take a little longer due to that. I know my other half asks everyday any word from Thomson lol. Whats your plans for wedding? Im planning sky terrace then semi private dinner then reception at beach bar.. its so hard making decision without actually seeing the
  10. So much confusion, yeah you are probably right. The only good thing is they let me book a group of my family so thay they get the initial holiday price as i was panicking as everyday price is increasing! How many guests are you hoping to travel? Fingers crossed we get are dates back soon x
  11. Hello thank you , i will definitely keep you in mind when i get round to organising hair and makeup.. Maybe you could give me a quote? No Thomson is our travel agent back here in the UK and we are getting frustrated that they are taking so long confirming our dates. Thanks very much for trying to help though. Laureen I am new to this site so still getting used to it. My invites will take two weeks to be made and i cannot place order until wedding date and time confirmed and the holiday price is constantly increasing so im stressing for my guests that need to book. Why were they trying
  12. Hi I am in exactly the same boat, my travel agent sent my contract almost two weeks ago and I am still waiting for confirmation. I plan to get married in June but its so frustrating as I cant order invites until date is confirmed.
  13. Hello Thanks so much for the info.. I know the dance floor etc are crazy prices, I also could not believe the outside vendor fee of $850 just to bring in my own photographer so still haven't made a decision about that. I am just unaware that if you have the semi private dinner at buffet restaurant do you serve your self or will a waiter serve me and my guests? I booked through Thomson holidays and flying from Dublin in Ireland for two weeks. I am the same I have joined a few closed groups on facebook and they are so helpful. Were are you holding your ceremony? Laureen xx
  14. Hi I am getting married at RRC in June 2017, 25- 30 guests. We plan to have our ceremony on the sky terrace, then hold a semi private dinner at the buffet restaurant, then have a reception with open bar at the beach bar. I have not got prices for reception and was wondering if anyone can help? Thanks
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