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  1. @@Johnsonspartyof2 No problems with sending all the info via email, including credit card and my ID. I was more anxious/nervous about securing the date because I wanted to move forward with my room booking as there was a special promo going on at the time and it was the very last day of it. It all worked out just fine.
  2. @@AmandaU, @@Johnsonspartyof2 : I heard the Bridal Suite is $100 extra, but don't have much more details than that. I'm having a small wedding with no bridesmaids, so I figure getting ready in my room will be good enough. @@wvupharmer13 I had the exact same thought process as you. I have about 20 guests with mostly older family, so not a huge dancing crowd. I wouldn't need a DJ. But I want music and so I was shocked to hear of the $180/hr cost. My fiance did research on Amazon to find a really good speaker system and we just received this one: https://amzn.com/B019GY47FY . Plus there is a
  3. @@cayls55 Thanks for the tip! I like the frosted glasses, but I think the tumblers might get more use from our guests. I'll have to get on that soon.
  4. @@cayls55 where are you getting your personalized insulated cups from? I want to do the same thing!
  5. @@vancouverpetunia In lighting related news, I finally got around to emailing JC and he told me that it's $150 per pole, plus $100 labour for setup/removal. So perhaps I will go down this route after all!
  6. @@vancouverpetunia ouch, $100 each for stringing those things up is pricey too! I don't suppose they let you do it yourself and save the cost?
  7. @@vancouverpetunia good idea, I'll ask Juan Carlos about the airbrush! I just don't know if I can really bring myself to pay the make up artist fees plus the outside vendor fee too! Speaking of which, $400 per pole?!?! Wow! I am willing to splurge on items that make a difference in ambiance but that is really steep. Now I'm definitely going to ask JC about that because I gotta know if it's really that expensive! What did they charge you for putting up the lights in the pergola?
  8. @@Moments That Matter Thanks for welcome and sharing pictures from Now Sapphire. Beautiful! @@vancouverpetunia I saw your review! It's really helpful for newbies like me to see what others have done and I love how thorough yours was! Thanks for telling me about the sax. It's not something I've ever thought of having before, I think because I've always envisioned having a harp. I'm really tempted to hire an outside vendor for my make-up because I'm paranoid about it melting off my face. That's awesome that it stayed on you! The cost of the outside vendor fee ($300) seems steep for mak
  9. Ooh one more question! What did you do for lighting? It's really hard to tell how much lighting is provided vs what you should set up as extra.
  10. In case anyone is wondering about a more recent example: I travelled on vacation from Canada to Mexico in the beginning of April 2016 and my passport expires July 7, 2016. I was nervous but I researched the Canadian Mexican embassy website and it says in bold letters: "Mexican Authorities do not require a minimum period of validity of passports; nevertheless, this document must be valid at the time of the entry and during the period you wish to be in Mexico." I didn't have time to renew my passport, so I decided that the Embassy website was good enough for me. I went on my trip and absolutely
  11. Thanks for the thorough review of your wedding! It looked beautiful! Nice to see a fellow Vancouverite in this forum I'm also getting married at the Now Sapphire (Dec 2016) and have been working with Juan Carlos. He's been awesome! What flavour wedding cake did you end up getting?
  12. Hi everyone! I'm really excited to join this community! I'm getting married Dec 21, 2016 at the Now Sapphire in Mexico. I'm having a small wedding of approximately 20 people and just getting started on the wedding planing journey. I've done a good amount of reading and searching on this site which is amazing. There's just so many things that I'm trying to research that I'm finding it overwhelming. Here's some of the things I'm trying to figure out: 1) As part of our wedding package, we get our choice of saxophone or guitarist for the ceremony. Has anyone done this? I can't imagi
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