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  1. Hi, I've made my own boarding passes, sleeves and luggage tag RSVP with success. x
  2. @@sashloz Thanks, the problem is we have already booked it through Thomson. If I had realised it was going to be this much of a wait I think I probably would have booked directly with the Royalton. I have picked the back end of May though, every post I've seen about May has been about the first 2 weeks and my dates are within the 4th week of May. However, I wonder if its because we are having a civil ceremony that it takes a little longer. Also I have tried to get in contact with the Royalton wedding planners and they didn't respond to my last email.
  3. @@Ashley24m Hi Ashley, I have now been waiting nearly 7 weeks since I actually sent my wedding contract back to Thomson. Just to let you know it took them 2 weeks to process the contracts, so I may have another 3-4 weeks to go until I can actually chase them up. When are you hoping to get married? Lauren xx @@sashloz You get more for the reception sound system then you do for the wedding. I think the wedding is just a speaker and a microphone, where with the reception you get big speakers and lights and stuff like that. I think I am planning on hiring the sound system for my
  4. @@samanthamn Hi Sam, I sent my Wedding Contract back on 22nd April and still awaiting the confirmation of our wedding date. Glad I'm not the only one who seems to be in limbo. I'm very worried about not getting the date and the hotel being booked up, as we are looking at 3rd week in May. I've got a price list for the salon I can email over. Lauren xx
  5. @@Laur114 I picked May as it seemed slightly out of peak as the prices of the hotel drop between April and May. I've chosen the end of May which I hope isn't as busy. I'd be fine with that as long as your weddings don't clash if that makes sense. I just hope the locations that I want are available otherwise I'm going to have to start all over again.
  6. @@Laur114 Have you booked through Thomson/first choice aswell? I can't believe they have 4 weddings a day, that seems like way too many to ensure there is a personal touch. I'm dreading that I'm not going to get the location I want or the date. When are you getting married? x
  7. @@laureen212 I'll send that stuff over when I get a wi-fi connection, as I haven't got much data and the attachments are quite hefty all together. A bouquet is included within the package I have gone for, I thought it was included in the free one as well. I've got one bridesmaid bouquet so I'm going to have to purchase another one to make sure they all match. I was thinking of doing welcome bags too, would be great to know what ideas you have to put in them. Its so hard when you've got to carry it all out, we're thinking of buying our wedding favours out there to make it cheaper and so we
  8. @@laureen212 I'm sure what I've worked out is right, I've confirmed it with the hotel as well. You do have to pay an additional $20 for anymore over the 20 people at your wedding. So I've worked out for anyone extra who comes its about $65 dollars a head so about £40. Maybe that's what they meant. I'll email it over to you in a bit. Yeah I think I am going to bring my own centrepieces for the table and maybe a few other bits like coloured napkins etc. I think I've chosen my colour theme now, I need some inspiration. What about you?? xxx
  9. @@laureen212 So to have a private three course dinner it works out about $30 a head on average which includes the location fee and the set-up and a 3 hour open bar. So I've worked out based on 25 adults and 2 children that the total cost for a private reception (not including the music equipment) is £564 based on an exchange rate of 1.4. I've got a lot of information from the hotel, they sent me all of their pricelists if you want me to email them over let me know. xx
  10. @@sassldiva Hi, I am getting married at the Royalton Riviera next May, I can give you an idea of how that would be priced. The basic package is free if you've booked more than 10 rooms, this would give you the beach location included. For a canopy it is an extra $350. The hours cocktail party is included within one of their packages but to add a cocktail party with canapés its $22 a person. The private reception for food is around $35 a head for a three course meal which includes 3 hours of bar service. To add an extra hour bar service it is $9 per head. This price inclu
  11. @@laureen212 I really hope so. Well my friend who is a hairdresser is coming I hope, so she will doing my hair and my bridesmaids as well. I think I am just going to get my make-up done by the hotel, same with my bridesmaids. What about you? Its the $450 vendor fee that makes it not worth getting anyone else in. What about you, have you thought of your hair and make-up? I was going to have a semi-private dinner but I like the idea of having the whole evening to ourselves if that makes sense and its not too much more to have food if your paying for the hire fee for the area.
  12. @@laureen212 I've sent the wedding department a little chase up email today, asking how it is all going so lets see if I get a response. I'll let you know when mine is confirmed, let me know when yours is as well. You're not sad I've been doing the same as well ha ha. I didn't really think of doing that, however I think I want the equipment for the microphone for speeches etc. I was planning on hiring just the speakers so I can plug my iphone in for the playlist. Once its confirmed I will feel a lot better, I feel like its all I'm waiting for at the moment haha xx
  13. @@laureen212 We booked on 22nd April, and sent our wedding contract to the Weddings department on 23rd, however I didn't receive acknowledgement until Monday 25th, so they have had my Contract for over 3 weeks now. Although I think they have a tendency to just sit on it which I think they did. I have seen a few peoples pictures where it looks a bit more secluded, however I think I will go for the Chapel as all of our pictures will be on the beach anyway. I want to push mine back to 5.30, however I'm going to wait until our date comes through and then see if I can change it, which I'm s
  14. @@laureen212 That's good that you booked for all of them people when you booked. We are just going to link everyone's booking to ours, how many more are you inviting/expecting? When did you book your wedding? Would be interesting to see if we've both been waiting the same time. I'm torn between the beach or the Chapel for my wedding. I've always wanted a beach wedding but it puts me off that people can just wander through your wedding and the Chapel is so unique and different. I'm going to have a reception including dinner at the Beach bar I think, I was thinking the beach but I reckon
  15. That's good, we didn't do that as I didn't want to commit my family before I had actually spoken to them. The price hasn't changed too much though, it's just started going up a bit but I reckon it will fluctuate through the year anyway. Well I'm sending invites to 40 with a definite 27 including us. What about you? I really hope so, just baffled me as some of the girls who have booked direct heard within a few days. Why does it take Thomson so long? The only reason I have is because of the difference between a civil and symbolic. They might have to find out if a minister is available x
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