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  1. Hi there! I had over 50 people for my wedding in January and did my reception at the Grill, which is very similar to the Lobster House. I did 6 round tables of 10 people, and the dance floor seemed big enough for everyone. Depending on how many people you actually have you might be able to make it fit. Have you also looked into the Ballroom Foyer or Oregano? Agave would be very pretty, but it will likely be very warm without the ocean breeze. We did our rehearsal dinner in Garibaldi Square next to Agave and it was warm.. not uncomfortable, but adding in some dancing would be another story. Another idea.. Las Olas could work with some version of tables on the platform and a dance floor in the sand or vice versa. Just throwing out as many ideas as I can think of!
  2. Congratulations:) My wedding is about 50 days away.. woohoo! Las Olas is in between the beach gazebo and Oregano, so it shouldn't be any extra steps for your guests. I would also suggest X-Lounge or the beach by Oregano. Those were at least the two locations that Ariana recommended to me. I am doing my wedding at the beach gazebo, cocktail hour on the beach by Oregano, and reception at the Grill. I don't think that Oregano would need any extra lighting because I believe it is open at night (the website or WP should be able to confirm). I think that Las Olas and the Beach are really the only places that need extra lighting for events like this.
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