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  1. Hi, Has anyone gotten married at the private island at Cap Cana? I'm trying to find pictures.
  2. Thanks! We're looking to have our wedding not in Mexico! The search continues but thanks again.
  3. Sweet pea - thanks for sharing. This is my top choice as well. Have you reached out to the hotel yet? If you have any wedding info please share.
  4. Hi Patty, Thanks for the help! I just sent you an email. Is that really the only place in DR? Does Jamaica have any options?
  5. Sent Tammy! I also called but got your voicemail
  6. Hi Everyone, I'm trying to find places in DR similar to Sky Terraces Azul or Royal Royalton in Mexico but in DR. Anyone have any leads? Thanks so much!
  7. I found this on Wright travel but can't figure out which resort this is. Any clues?
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