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  1. Over the weekend I went out with my bridesmaids (1 MOH and 5 bridesmaids) to chose their dress to wear (: It was surprisingly easy because everyone went in with an open mind! This is the dress we chose is by Bella Maids in the colour Slate Blue. The dress is short and made of chiffon which is perfect for the hot weather. This is the colour Slate Blue!
  2. @@MrsMeis So exciting you are getting married 10 days after us (: I still haven't figured out my centrepieces either - but I think we will bring our own down. I am thinking something simple as well. We are adding the floral arrangements to our alter so I am planning on using those flowers for centre pieces and bringing some form of vase, bowl or mason jar to display them. I will be going Pintrest crazy in a few weeks to start figuring this all out. What days are you flying in?
  3. My planning has taken a bit of a back seat with my finances birthday, holidays and a surprise trip to Niagara Falls. The only update is that we have selected our photographer! Pictures are one of the things we decided to splurge on because we have close family members that won't be able to make it to Mexico. We are using an outside vendor their name is Bohemia Photography! Next plan plan is to go bridesmaid dress shopping on November 19th. I still haven't picked what colour I want to go with... we are thinking of going with grey, navy blue or a dark purple. The guys are going to be w
  4. @@WPGBride17 Absolutely LOVE all of your updates!! Are you going to put a starfish on every chair at the ceremony? I really wanted to do this, but think I might just do something with starfish on the aisle chairs. If you don't mind me asking how much were the starfish you ordered/what website? Amazing progress - you are getting so close!!!
  5. The bridal shop where I bought my wedding dress from is closing down (the owners are retiring after 60+ years) so as any normal person I started to panic, hoping that my dress would come in on time, would it be what I envisioned, etc. Finally it arrived last week (with a few weeks to spare before the store closed). The sample size I tried on was a bit small/the wrong colour, so once I tried on the dress I ordered (correct sizing/colour) it re-confirmed how much I love the dress!! The overall the silhouette, the back, the look, etc. I love it all I ordered Essence of Australia D1702 in ivo
  6. @@SamanthaElizabeth Yes (: May 19th 2017 !!!
  7. @@gaichan Yay - its always nice to meet other brides at the same resort! There is an awesome Facebook group that have past, present and future brides posting pictures, questions and giving recommendations, ideas, etc. https://www.facebook...ps/59537241435/ I almost feel behind in the planning process, but will eventually get everything done!
  8. Great choice I love the shoes and it looks beauitful with the dress!!!
  9. So far we have 58 guests booked (including FI and myself). One of the groomsmen has not booked yet because he lives in another province, so we are thinking our total guest number will be around 60! This morning I started my planning/organizing binder. My hope is this will keep me on track and keep everything in one place. I will bring this binder to Mexico with me because it will have contracts, receipts, ceremony details, etc. I bought dividers that have 8 tabs, so far I have only filled out 7. What I have: - Travel and Accommodations - Guests - Attire - Welcome & Rehearsal Di
  10. I wanted to give guests as much notice as possible so one my brilliant bridesmaids made my invitations (: There are invitations like this out there, but she put a personal twist on the graphics/colours. So grateful for this and it saved me on all costs (except for printing, which I had done at the same place my work gets our marketing materials printed). Double Sided-Invite (sorry for the glare) Booking Information & RSVP Card We still don't have our wedding colours picked out (fiance trumped my colour scheme of gold&blush pink)...... so we just chose colours that
  11. How We Met Andrew and I met online early summer of 2014. Our initial conversation started with our likes for rivalry hockey teams, the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Boston Bruins. From there the conversation kept flowing and we went on our first date in early July. We continued to talk and go on dates over the next couple of months until we made our relationship official in August 2014. From there the rest is history ♥ The Proposal Every year we make a trip to Florida and stay in Indian Rocks Beach. This time we traveled with another couple (Ellen and Tyler) at the end of March 2016. Ellen an
  12. We will be getting married May 19th 2017 at Grand Sunset Princess in Mexico !!! We moved quite quickly after getting engaged and decided on the resort, sent out invitations and made our wedding website with 6 weeks of getting engaged. Our deposits were due mid-July and we currently have approximately 65 guests booked in .. there are a few stragglers that may decide to book last minute. So far we haven't done too much planning with our co-ordinator at the resort, but we have picked our ceremony location and time as well the reception area. We have also booked an external photographer!
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