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  1. This is excellent advice. You must do what you want. People will surprise you with who is willing to go and who isn't. You just have to do what you want and be ready for what comes.
  2. Wow! You have a lot done already! I'm getting married on July 7th and I feel like I'm not that prepared. My advice is to watch for sales for your OOT bags since you are planning so far in advance. You should be able to get things on sale at the end of the summer, which will be nice. I planned my wedding in about 6 months so I wasn't able to look for sales as much. I would start stockpiling ahead of time if I were you!
  3. We are getting married on the beach in Bermuda, but I still want our wedding to be formal. I am having the guys wear a grey suit, a little on the darker side. We got the lightest weight suit Men's Warehouse had. It is a full suit with a vest so the guys have the option of taking the jacket off. I am thinking my fiancé will wear the full suit and the groomsmen will wear just the vest and pants. We are going to wait and see how hot it is. I am also having them wear shoes in the sand. Not into man feet in all my pictures.
  4. I just ordered a frame on etsy for our sand ceremony. I'm just wondering where everyone got their sand for the sand ceremony. The frame doesn't come with sand. I know you can buy some on etsy, but I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations. I think I would prefer to be able to go to a store to pick the sand out so I can see the colors in person. Any suggestions???
  5. Does anyone have an suggestions for readings during the wedding ceremony? Did you have readings during your ceremony or just vows? I would like to have at least two readings to include some of our guests. I'm struggling with choosing readings though. I think I would like them to be religious but I'm not sure. Feedback from people who had readings and people who didn't? Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks!
  6. I got mine at cheaptotes.com and they were $.89 USD. Not sure how much they are to get in Canada, but worth checking out! Good luck!
  7. Any Bermuda Brides out there??? Looking for advice, reviews, any info you care to share! I am getting married at the Fairmont Southampton on July 7, 2016. So far, we are having a wonderful experience planning our wedding. Just looking to connect with some other Bermuda brides out there!
  8. Hey! These are the totes I got for $0.89: http://www.cheaptotes.com//canvas-tote-bag-8.html I am not sure how many I will need yet, but I bought 35 since they were so cheap and to have some extras for mistakes, etc. I bought the iron on paper on amazon. http://www.amazon.com/Avery-Transfers-Printers-light-colored-08938/dp/B0006HV2ZE?ie=UTF8&psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00 I bought two of these. They seemed to be the best deal to me. I did a little research of prices at walmart, staples, etc. You may be able to do better with coupons somewhere, but I
  9. I purchased totes from cheaptotes.com for my OOT bags and iron on transfer paper. I was just wondering how everyone created their designs for their bags. Do you have a good website that you found your graphics on? Does anyone have a template to share? Did you buy a design from someone and then print and iron yourself? I'm struggling with creating my own design and I'm ready to get started on these bags! Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks!
  10. I bought $0.89 totes from cheaptotes.com in April 2016 and they came in 2 days. Super fast. I have tried to iron on them yet, but I was happy with how quickly they came!
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