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  1. Hi Aaron I found this forum not too helpful or responsive. I suggest you ask to join Kukua’s Facebook group Kukua Restaurant Brides and Grooms, found this most helpful when planning! Yes Bego is awesome, they do everything for you and suggest you let them! She knows better about the space and vendors than you probably do. She can work with a budget. I didn’t know any real details of wedding til I Met Bego three days before! You will need to source your photography/ videography / stylist yourself but they do give you recommendations. Plus just join that Facebook group and look up previous topics! There’s chats daily amongst past and future brides and grooms. Good luck!!
  2. Congratulations!! No, I didn't choose Now Larimar... I didn't read that great reviews, plus I didn't want to get married at a resort. However, Punta Cana you pretty much have to stay in one. The forum for our wedding venue (off resort) people discuss resorts and where to stay etc. and I thought I'd share a recent post by someone who was going to get married at Now Larimar... "I wanted to get married at Now Larimar. The package that was presented to have everything i would need was priced at 3500 outside of decor. Only to find out that in order to change the color of the napkins was 5 dollars a pop and not included in the additional 1500 extra for decor. Centerpieces that should only be 50-60 dollars to upgrade (from the original decor package) were full charge. The only option was to do everything separately which resulted in hundreds of dollars in additional fees. Not to mention the outside vendor fees. The one photographer/videographer is very overpriced and the list goes on.... About two months ago i had my first wedding meeting with my old wedding coordinator at now larimar at the end of the call my wedding was almost 17,000. I cried until my FH came home and he said he had enough of Now Larimar." Somebody else chimed in with " I was at Now originally too and that same thing happened to me. I told my husband we may as well have a "regular" wedding in the states. I was so upset with those fees!" What I will say is those who have stayed have said they 'liked it', but not rave reviews. Just wondering if there is a reason why Larimar is at the top of the list? You have plenty of time to plan! Although you are not going in spring break, be careful not to travel around Easter, outside of North America people get time off over Easter plus DR is quite busy over the Easter period. Good luck and don't worry about anything said above, if you think its the right place for your wedding then perfect, just wanted you to be aware.
  3. Hi! I got married at Kukua Beach Club on Wednesday! I wanted off resort and this location and service is fantastic! There's even a private Facebook group to chat with past, present and future brides. Bego the wedding planner is incredible! Look at their website, instagram, public fb page and Pinterest pages! Couldnt recommend anything better!
  4. Congratulations! Firstly, no I don't have a child so I can't offer advice on pram. however, my niece is very well travelled already and she's 15 months. She's happily enjoyed beach holidays in Hawaii and Palm Springs etc. A beach is fine however saying this think about the time of year you go due to the excessive heat and the age of your baby due to their regular jabs and destination jabs needed to travel especially if you are thinking D.R. Your Dr may suggest you travel after your baby is at least 1 to a destination like that. Happy planning!
  5. Hi I felt the same way... I haven't done all inclusive either and refused to pay for food at the resort again, I heard it has something to do with more of the private setting and extra staff? $25 a head though that's really cheap! I still wasn't convinced so I booked an external venue at a beach club, so we all leave the resort for the special occasion. I'm not sure about having your own drinks on the beach.
  6. Hi All I was reading about the translation of documents etc. which is fine completely understand, however I've just got my birth certificate and it does NOT include the names of my parents, my mother said she wasn't given a full one and she doesn't think that was introduced until a few years after I was born. Is this going to be a problem? Has anyone else come across this? Thanks!
  7. Hi Congratulations! I'm getting married next year in February and was lucky enough to have a choice between Anna or KrystieAnn. I belong to a facebook group for Kukua brides (where I'm getting married) and they credit the photographers/make up artists etc. Aside from Anna or Krystie Ann. Names below have been mentioned: Jazmin Abad Brito Magda Riccardi Maybe google them to see if they have availability? Hope you manage to find someone! Do remember if you don't use resort stylists/make up you'll have to pay vendor fees for them going to the resort.
  8. Looking at February 2017 from Vancouver and yep it seems at least $2500 all inclusive p/p if sharing. (bummer if travelling solo as they get charged more) I have people coming from London, UK too which is cheaper and they get direct flights! We switched to DR because Costa Rica was at least $1,000 more p/p. Much cheaper to fly from TO than Vancouver you're lucky! We're waiting to confirm our venue before deciding on resort.
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