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  1. Hi all brides, now less than three months till my partner and I tie the knot, we are getting married here at excellence Rivera maya on the 8/06/17 and I can not wait, any photoes of other brides, I would love to see and hopefully see other future brides over there! Xx Help please!!! Wanting to put petals down the 'aisle' beach as the path, I've seen some brides do this, does the resort charge extra for this or is an outside florist better? Many thanks xx
  2. Hi everyone. My partner and I just sent off our final decisions, so excited with just under a year to go. (11 months) White choc and raspberry for our cake, has anyone asked for decorations, edible flowers for instance for their cake and know the extra cost roughly? thank you ladies xx
  3. Hello Everyone. Hope the wedding planning is going smoothly. For any of the brides that are getting married on the beach, are you wearing shoes? If so are you putting 'planks/walkway down or going barefoot?
  4. Not sure if this is helpful but when my partner first told Thamara (wedding co-ordinator) that he was divorced all she requested was a copy of the divorce papers if divorced less than a year. If your co-ordinator is requesting the same I'm pretty sure they're right, best of luck x
  5. Hi, my partner and I are both from the Uk. My partner went onto the Uk government website and emailed them regarding this subject. We got told that the ceremony is recognised over here as a legal marriage, you have to have a translated copy but you not need it to be apostilled. My partner is also divorced but for over a year so we haven't been requested to bring any additional documents. Hope this helps
  6. Hi all brides to be! My name is Isabelle and we're getting married at the resort next June. Our wedding ceremony is at 11am and we,re having it on the beach, I know it'll be too bright for lights but does anyone have any decoration ideas, my partner and I aren't fans of the starfish we've seen on a few pictures. Many thanks xxx Also it's just the two of us as we wanted a private ceremony but my partner and I have decided to still do the reception and cocktail hour and anyone at the resort who wants to try some of the food/drink can help themselves
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