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  1. @@malloryelizabeth her website is down right now but you can email her at diptyh.studio@@gmail.com and see work: https://www.facebook.com/diptychstudio/ https://www.instagram.com/diptychstudio/ @@Aposusta that link doesn't open
  2. @@CaitlinG good idea on the lights. I hope a few strands will be enough as we are also trying to save on costs, although we are going to use Alquima for flowers and upgraded chairs. Hey @@Lindzyml! We are using the resort DJ but found an offsite photographer for a rate that's very affordable, even with the vendor fee it is still cheaper than the resort photographer and I'm more confident in her. What are you both doing for centerpieces?
  3. @@CaitlinG what is your date? We are 11-11, also planning on Las Olas for our reception, with similar questions to you
  4. Is anyone else who is planning to use Juan Navarro as their photographer having difficulty reaching him? I reached out to confirm and pay for my booking on Oct 23, and then again on November 4, with no response. He had originally been very quick to reply, so I'm getting nervous!
  5. Hi everyone! It's been a while, I decided it was time to finally start planning and spent the last 4 hours reading through forums on this site. It's so overwhelming, but so helpful! I'm heading to ERC for vacation (wedding isn't until Nov 2017) later this week if anyone has specific things they'd like me to check out.
  6. Congrats on your recent nuptials @@victoriasalv! Can't wait to read the review and see pics. To those who asked, we are going barefoot for the beach ceremony and keeping sandals on hand for the reception. Getting nervous about all the comments on lighting, wow that's expensive! @TAWendy - do you have any pics you can share?
  7. Hi ladies - curious who is using a travel agent versus booking through ERC directly? I'm learning belatedly that a TA may have been the way to go based on costs, incentives and help with guests but am not sure I'll be able to switch - my website is up already and Save the Dates just went out with the URL in them, etc.
  8. @@kjb0528 you're right! I looked back and those were the only times offered for us as well. Guess we'll stick with the later hour and hope for the best on lighting. Maybe will take some of the photos before the ceremony.
  9. Hi ladies, does anyone who got/is getting married in November have a recommendation on time? We are waivering between 4 and 5 based on hearing it may be dark already by 5. Thanks!
  10. @@kjb0528 we are thinking it will be 30-40 and are leaning towards Las Olas for the reception but haven't visited the property so aren't sure on that or cocktail hour. A few women on here have been kind enough to share a couple photos but there don't seem to be many available from ERC or online to give me a sense of what to pick.
  11. Hey @@KeriT21 - not until November of 2017, but we are trying to give friends and family lots of time to plan and make the process less stressful for ourselves. When is your big day? So exciting - and glad to hear Thamara is helpful! Great advice @@kjb0528 - appreciate it! Did she send you any cocktail hour or reception options and photos yet?
  12. Hi everyone, I went forward with booking ERC! I was just assigned Thamara as my wedding coordinator. Has anyone worked with her? Feedback or tips?
  13. Hi ladies - I'm new to this site and forum, considering a wedding at ERC for next fall. Can anyone point me in the direction of reception photos at Los Olas or on the beach? I'm considering both spots. Also, has anyone booked the group rates through the hotel? They are suggesting I use a promo code for guests but it only lasts 3-4 months and many people won't book until closer to the date after the code has expired. Thank you!
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