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  1. hello we've also booked Sandos Caracol for our wedding January 2017. How is the planning coming along for you? Which package did you go with? Have you chosen many details yet? Cheers Kelsey
  2. Thank you so much @@tpenner for responding with all of these details! so sorry it took me long to respond - my daughter is teething and has had a cold so it's been a rough week to sit down at the puter... We too are going with the Caribbean Fantasy package. I am aiming for the gazebo but really like your point of not seeing/using the natural beauty of the beach/ocean which was always the plan while searching for our destination we always said on the beach, so who knows this one might change still. I really do love the gazebo though, it is so unique! Do you know how many guests you can have at this location though? We are inviting approx 80 people (not sure how many will come but I suspect at least 60). The resort asked if we would like 4pm, 5pm, or 6pm for our ceremony. We chose 4pm as that's what my fiance wanted - personally I was thinking 5 would be better, it's so bloody hot out still at 4 lol I'm gonna be a mess! Maybe another good reason for the gazebo to have some guaranteed shade. I haven't seen any photos or good information on how the reception is set up on the beach, have you?! For now, we are moving forward with planning for the rooftop terrace. But there are so many details to figure out for the reception like table settings, centerpieces, flowers, etc. I'm trying to figure out what I will bring with me for our own set up or what we will pay the resort to do. I haven't really seen examples of what they can do for centerpieces etc. (can't get over the upcharge for every little thing like even a napkin ring holder!!). I've heard of other brides (other resorts) bringing their own materials for centerpieces, their own table runners and other decorations. What are your plans for that? Also will pay for the extra hour, I can't imagine shutting the party down at 10 - and as far as I've heard the resort DJ is just fine for the event so will be going that way. I haven't even begun researching photographers/prices - amazing that it's cheaper for you to bring them with you from Edmonton (we are from Winnipeg). So hopefully I'll get to see some work from the resort photographer soon so I can move forward with planning on that front. One of my bridesmaids is a hair stylist so I'm super lucky in that regard. I think I'm going to give the resort salon a try for the make up application. I think that if I really don't like it, I'll wash it off and do my makeup myself. Have you decided on buffet or plated dinner? how about your colors/theme? talk soon and thanks!
  3. @@tpenner YAY another Sandos Caracol bride! Congrats! how is the planning going? which wedding package are you going with? any other details falling into place for you yet? thanks all for the responses
  4. FINALLY! we have chosen our resort and about to book with our travel agent. In touch with the Sandos Caracol wedding coordinator and it all begins to somewhat fall into place... PHEW! Any other Sandos brides out there? Would love some help along the way (from anyone really). Have been looking at the wedding package information that the resort provides and boy do they want to nickel and dime for every last detail! Some advice on what is worth skipping, what is worth bringing from home (and paying for extra luggage I guess), what is worth paying for the outside vendor fee (photographer?, flowers? any experience with the resort vendors out there?) Thanks all and happy planning Kelsey
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