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  1. @@Johnsonspartyof2 This is where the exciting part of your wedding planning begins! Once you've settled on the date and booking it! I remember being nervous about sending my credit card information via email. And I asked for a fax # but I think I was very anxious to book the date I ended up scanning front and back of my credit card and just emailing everything to get it over and done with. Anel emailed me back that they had received everything and that they will process the payment. I didn't have any problems with my card.
  2. @@cayls55 We paid extra for the Italian lights. We decided 2 days before the wedding to do the Italian lights and we don't regret it. They looked beautiful. There is enough light so you won't be completely in the dark if you decide not to pay extra. I didn't use the salon for my hair and make up. My mom used my appointment instead of me and the hair and make up looked nice. When you send your wedding planning form to your wedding coordinator it will ask there what time you want your hair/make up appointment and they'll arrange it for you. I sent mine of a month and a half before.
  3. @Johnsonspartyof2 I was also looking at the Beach Palace when I was first looking. But I fell in love with the Tequila terrace. A friend went to a wedding at Beach Palace and she said it was more like a hotel rather than a resort. We also got a better price at Now. Kids stayed for free so it was a big savings for my guests. I was also skeptical about booking August but we got a really good price and we were so lucky it didn't rain. We had a really hot and sunny day for our wedding. I recommend if you go with Now Sapphire to do the Tequila Terrace. It is the most private locatio
  4. I know exactly how you feel. I'm a beach person and so it was important to me. She I was first researching hotels back in October last year seaweed was really a problem but this resort ticked all the boxes. At the end I booked it and hoped it got better and it did. What dates are you booking for? And what other resorts are you considering? I can send h photos of the beach as of last week.
  5. @Johnsonspartyof2 Hmmm there was a little bit but nothing too crazy. The beach still looked beautiful. Some days it looked more beautiful than others. Are you still researching for your wedding or have you booked Now Sapphire already?
  6. @vancouverpetunia No problem. Yes, we just arrived back last night. Everything went very well. I'll be writing my review in the next few weeks. I'm here to help if any future brides have questions or doubts.
  7. Hi past brides! My wedding is in exactly one week!! :) I was wondering if I need to tip the wedding coordinator, dj ,waiters etc?? It's starting to add up! if yes, how much did you tip? Thank you!
  8. @vancouverpetunia so you were able to change the time of your ceremony? JC said 5pm wasn't available which I was suprised since the Tequila terrace has been reserved for both my ceremony and reception. I read on a blog 4pm is too hot in August and that is better to have ceremony at 5pm. Then I was thinking cocktail hour from 6-7pm then reception 7-10pm. But then that meant missing our cocktail hour while taking photos. But I guess we'll have to do 4-5 ceremony....then a break. Then cocktails 6-7 then reception. Did you prefer to have a break in between? Where did your guest go in the
  9. Thanks so much for the answers ladies! This is very helpful I guess I'll be carrying more things to Mexico than I thought! @@vancouverpetunia .... yes I meant waiters for the reception not the ceremony! LOL We're also going to have a break between ceremony and cocktail hour....since I booked the wrong time (I booked it for 4) then wanted to change it to 5 and was told 5 is not available...... But I hope it works out that way we can take photos and not miss our cocktail hour
  10. My wedding is coming up fast. August 24th Can't wait! I've got some questions if anybody has the answers please let me know I was wondering about sitting arrangements and if I just need to provide JC a list and he takes care of it. Or do I have to get table numbers and name cards myself? I want to keep it as simple as possible but I do want to do the list of who sits where. How many waiters do they reserve for the ceremony? Does the Divine package include a bar at the reception or do the waiters have to get the drinks from somewhere else? Also was thinking of doing a signatu
  11. I've also asked Juan Carlos if I could use the guitarist during the cocktail hour and he said no. It seems like they use to let brides change things or get other services in liue of but they don't anymore.
  12. Question for previous brides. Divine package states free room upgrade. Did anybody here get an upgrade? If so from what type of room to what type room? Fiancee really wants ocean view room but I'm not sure if it's worth it to upgrade now or wait. We booked 2 rooms deluxe Jr suite tropical. It gets a bit tricky for us because the second room is for fiancee's kids and we want to do adjoining rooms so upgrading both rooms would be a lot more $ that I like to spend. Any suggestions?
  13. This is a review of:

    Elvis Aceff Photography

    Great photographer in the Riviera Maya!

    Pros: Very professional, on time, flexible, nice person
    Cons: none
    Elvis did a wonderful job on our wedding day.   I got married at Now Sapphire Riviera Cancun.  After debating between using the resorts photographer or hiring an outside photographer someone recommended him.  I checked out Elvis's portfolio on his website and I fell in love with his style.  We really liked the spontaneous, candid photos.  He has a unique vision for the portrait photos.  And well when we've shown people our wedding photos everybody says they're gorgeous.  Elvis and I communicat
  14. This is a review of:

    Disco Movil DJs

    Excellent DJ you can't go wrong

    Pros: Music, atmosphere, prompt response
    Cons: none
    I'm very happy we decided to go with Disco movil.  After researching and comparing a couple of other options we decided to go with them and we weren't disappointed. Ricardo was always prompt to reply to all my questions and did an excellent job with the music.  He just knew how to please the crowd and kept us dancing we wanted him to stay longer! I was stressing out about the music as I didn't want cheesy wedding music but he did an awesome job and knew what to play. 
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