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  1. @@ashhtayy thanks for your response!!! I will be moving to the Always & Forever package and customizing my own! Are you ready for your wedding!? Are you carrying your dress with you on a carry on when you fly? I'm scared to send it in a suitcase & it get lost.
  2. @@sassylouxx thank you! Have you looked into a photographer? I chose one that the resort provides, hope they do great! @@snswedding2016 Thank you so much for your response!! You all have definitely been a great help to me! Is there spray tanning at the spa? I already set up my appt for hair and makeup there at the spa. I hope my face doesn't melt off, I heard it was very hot & humid there.
  3. @@sassylouxx thanks I appreciate you! That's what I was thinking. Especially since I'm not having a private dinner due to the amount of ppl going so the reception has to have the restaurant decor.
  4. Hello ladies! I'm so happy to have found this site! We're getting married at AF this summer of July 2016! I couldnt be more excited and nervous as it gets closer! I have something I'm debating on and would love to get some input from you guys. So I got the Memorable Moments pure glamour package & I'm debating on whether I should go down to the Always & Forever since I'm only going to have about 10 guests. I'm stuck in between saving my arm and leg & just adding things to the always & forever or just keeping it. It doesn't look like we'll be having a private event since you need at least 16 ppl so I'm wondering whether I should pay for the MM package. Help! Any tips or suggestions?
  5. Hello everyone! I'm getting married at Azul fives this summer and was wondering if there were any others here that have also been married there or are planning on it! Congratulations to all the brides to be!!!
  6. Hello ladies, I am new to this so I have yet to learn how to create me own forum. I am getting married at AZUL Fives this July 2016 & was wondering how all of yalls wedding went? We're getting married on the beach. Is there any tips or suggestions?
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