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  1. Hi there I'm getting married in April 2016. in Montego Bay, Jamaica. I've chosen to have our wedding ceremony and reception at a private venue so we can add that personal touch. Plus since I have 50 guests travelling from around the world to stay with us, I thought getting everyone off resort would be a welcome change of scenery for everyone. We are all staying at the Royalton White Sands. BUT here's the issue - RWS are trying to charge us $450 for each outside vendor fee to bring our photographer and make up artists etc to our rooms. I really don't see how they can justify trying to charge us this when we are just paying guests. We are not using any of their wedding services so it's not as if it's a loss of earnings - they were never getting the business in the first place! I'm really annoyed as there's lots I could use the extra $1000 dollars on. Even with bringing 50 guests we are getting no discount so you'd think they might have some give here Have any other brides experienced this before? Any other brides got married off-resort? Comments very much welcome!! CK xx
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