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    Barcelo Maya Palace

    Recently did a site visit at Barcelo Maya Palace over MLK weekend 2016.
  2. After nearly 7 years of figuring each other out and growing into slightly more mature adults, he finally did it- he proposed at one of our first date places, Balboa Park. This was on October 3, 2015. Fast-forward to the present-day, and here we are, pleasantly content that after going to Mexico over Martin Luther King, Jr. back in January 2016 and doing FIVE site visits, we have finally picked our destination wedding venue: Barcelo Maya Palace Deluxe Funny how it all works out. Even though we visited five different resorts in Mexico, both of our intuitions were spot on. Once
  3. Hello Barcelo Maya brides! I'm new to this forum, but would like to say that my fiancé and I have recently been to Barcelo Maya Beach resort (over MLK weekend actually) and after doing months of research, we picked this as our wedding venue . Our wedding sales contact is Christian, and the person with whom we toured the resort with was Abraham (one of the many wedding coordinators). Since we haven't secured our wedding date yet (it's just on hold right now), we haven't been assigned a wedding coordinator yet. Some notes for future brides: Photographer: yes, you can have an external
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