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  1. Thank you! I just posted a review on the other thread melanderic2017 started. I think it's 2017/2018 Royalton Riviera Cancun Weddings. I will try to post some pictures later!
  2. Hey! I had my wedding in January. It was amazing! Please excuse any name mispellings (honestly I cant remember some names of locations/people) this is going to be a long post.... My wedding coordinators were Branda and Maite. They were very attentive and helpful. We arrived 3 days before the wedding at about 6pm and Brenda was waiting for us in the lobby. We were upgraded to a presidential suite from a standard room (forgot the name but it was the cheapest choice), We got settled in and then met with both girls the next morning. They had a print out of our wedding details and we went through every detail. I brought a lot of decorations, my own wedding napkins (cloth) and table numbers. I even had wooden names for each guest as a place setting and tooth pick place cards for shots. All of these things were set up by them for free. During this meeting I was dissapointed to learn that they no longer allow the use of sparklers or cold fireworkers. I was charged $600 for the cold fireworks and was looking forward to it during my first dance. Instead I was able to use the credit towards a photo booth which turned out great becuase I was originally quoted $800 for the photo booth and they gave it to me for the $600 because I was not informed about the cold fireworks before my arrival. I used the semi private dinner, included in my wedding package, for my rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding. I had no decorations for this and the girls set this up beautifully using some decorations they had, FOR FREE. This took place in the Buffet. We had the cesar salad and filet mignon...it was awful. The steak and mash potatoes were cold and dry. We were surprised because the resort food is pretty good and always hot and fresh. My wedding party ended up getting some food from the buffet, it was that bad. Besides this, the service was great. We had a drink meet up with all of our guests afterwards at the main lobby bar and everyone ended up going to the Sports bar. Every night we ended up at the Sports bar. It was always a great time. Wedding day My ceremony was scheduled for 5:15pm on the sky terrace. Brenda met me at my room at about 4:15. We were ready by 5:00, did our first look in the hallway by a small terrace. Not ideal, but we were way behind on time. Bless my phtographer, he made everything look amazing. We took some group shots. Brenda held us back until 5:30 because most of my guests were late! They didn't want me to walk into the ceremony with half my guests late. I was worried because I scheduled a guitarist for my wedding processional and he was only supposed to play till 5:30pm. Brenda assured me not to worry, they kept him there until the processional was over, free of charge. I upgraded the free floral bouquet to a medium, and it was HUGE. Beautiful but heavy. My bridesmaids had small rose and carnation bouquets and they were a perfect size for them. The processional was great. When I stepped up on the alter, the wind nearly took my fake lashes off. It wasn't even that windy, but the structure of the alter acts as a wind tunnel just an FYI! Ceremony was lovely besides the wind. Brenda set up the ceremony space exactly as I requested. I had flower baskets on the aisles which I later used as my centerpieces. We had flower petals which were released on the aisle as I walked in because it was windy. She set up my maracas on each chair to shake at the kiss. The DJ played our recessional song on time. The cocktail hour followed afterwards. There was more than enough space for 60 people. The hors d'oeuvres were cold because we were scheduled for cocktail hour at 5:45 and it was held upstairs the whole time on the deck the whole time during the ceremony. No one complained though, they were still tasty and the drinks were plenty. My reception was scheduled for 7pm on the beach bar. I left the cocktail hour at 6:30pm to take pictures with my husband. The groomsmen and bridesmaids left also to help get more decorations from my room to set up the reception. My MOH said that most of the set up was done by Brenda and Maite (once again, they're AWSOME). I got back around 7:30pm. and did my grand entrance. I was floored by the set up, it was beautiful and exactly what I envisioned. We chose the Mexican Family Style dinner. Our selections were delicious, but cold! I noticed they had all the food prepared in carts when we arrived for the grand entrance. I guess it got cold because it was just sitting there. That was the only complaint I had. Everything else turned out great, We partied the night away. I flew in my own phtographer and DJ so I already knew they were going to do a great job. I guess the only other hiccup we encountered was the resort visit credit. Back in May 2016 we took advantage of a promotion for a site visit. We stood 4 nights and were told $500 would be credited back to us if we returned for our wedding. I had everything saved, the receipts, confirmation from the wedding coordinator and copy of the promotion. Brenda and Maite said we were the first couple to bring the promotion to their attention and ask for the credit. They had no idea who authorized the promotion and said they weren't sure if we were going to get the credit. We argued and they went to the manager. We were given the credit on the last day of our wedding vacation, and were able to use it for our room charges (we bought two couples' massages, one for us and for my parents). I'm writing this from my desk top. I will try to include some pictures later. If you have any questions please don't hesitate t ask.
  3. Hi Julie I had my wedding in January this year. My ceremony was held on the sky terrace and reception on the beach bar. I loved the beach bar. It was perfect but the food was cold since it had to be held outside in crates. Since your party is small, I would suggest the semi private room in the buffet. I had the Mexican family style dinner. The ceviche was awesome. Also liked the steak, but like I said food was kind of cold. Hope that helps!!!! -Lauren
  4. That's funny, I have about 50 different hangover bags in my cart from EverlongEvents. I want to purchase them but I want to wait until I know the exact number of guests because the shipping is $10. So I only want to do a one time purchase! I also have a couple other items in my cart besides the bags. My planner told me I can avoid the set up fee if someone from my group sets up the items I bring for the reception. From what i remember during my sight tour, the Nautica bar doesn't close to the hotel guests until 5pm. That means set will most likely take place during my ceremony/cocktail hour and I don't want to bother anyone with setting up my decor during that time. I think I just might send over some of my bridesmaids to make sure everything is in order since I will have a break from 6:30pm-7pm, cocktail hour end to reception start time.
  5. I'm getting prices from my planner because my wedding is in January so we're 4months away. Thank you for the string light idea. I'm not sure why I didn't think of bringing my own. I wonder what the set up fee is. We wanted to include all of our guests for the rehearsal dinner but I was told the max. For semi-private dinner is 45. So we're just gonna do a welcome drink at the main bar. This of course is something we're just throwing together and having everyone meet us at the bar. I'm planning on giving out hang over kits and day of itinerary cards. Lucky for winning that free photo shoot! I love that we're exchanging ideas!
  6. Thanks, we actually would prefer 40 guests. We wanted an small intimate wedding but it's difficult because we both have lots of family.It must be hard being a planner and doing everything via email. Don't you feel like you're not in control of your wedding? My planner won't even send me an example of table arrangements for the Nautica bar. She told me I have to wait till I get there. Do you have one? My photographer is actually a family friend but extremely talented. We're flying him there. It was either, use their photo pro, which I wasn't too impressed with, or pay $850 vendor fee and hire someone out there. So we just decided to splurge. Who are you using?
  7. Yes, take advantage of it, you're paying for it! So, I was quoted $20 per lantern and $30 per corsage, which is odd. I think I'm going to replace the lanterns with pillar candles to line the aisle. I'm also contemplating adding an additional hour of open bar to extend the reception, but it really depends on my guest count. We're hoping for only 60 but looks like it can be close to 75. So much planning, so little time.
  8. I feel cheated! Lol. Maybe it's because I didn't upgrade my chairs? Either way, still taking advantage of the semi private dinner offered in the package for my rehearsal dinner, for 30 guests. Thank you for sharing the pillar candle idea. I definitely have to look into that. I'm so excited!!!!
  9. Do you have the same package? The Love package? That's awesome! Are you using string lights or sparklers? I'm waiting for those quotes.
  10. Hey Everyone! So I'm exactly 4 months out till my wedding and am sooo excited. I reached out to my wedding coordinator, Christine, 2 weeks ago and she has been awesome so far. I want to make sure I share my experiences with you girls because I felt so out of the loop these pass couple of months. While I understand the reasoning to have to wait to plan with the coordinator, I was so anxious about our spending and budget. Christine has already sent me a rough draft of our invoice and it's not so bad. I was surprised by one charge I missed or wasn't aware of. They charge $20 extra per person for the LOVE package, if you are having more than 20 guests. We were quoted for 60 guests so that's $800 extra. The good thing is I am not being charged for extra tables during the reception for my displays, escort cards, guest book, etc. Also, the $20 pp extra charge includes enough cake for your guests, it's only one sheet though! No extra tiers. So far we are being quoted about $14k and that's not bad for girl from NYC where the average wedding can be about $60k. We are having our ceremony on the sky terrace, and reception at the Nautica bar. The quote includes the Mexican Family Style Dinner and cocktail hour, small bouquets for my bridesmaids, corsages for the groom and groomsmen, and medium mixed floral centerpieces. Luckily our family friend is the photographer, he's staying 4 nights so we avoided the vendor few. My uncle is the DJ but we are spending about $1k for the equipment. Hope that helps someone! BTW the food was delicious when we went on the site tour and had a tasting.
  11. No, I booked directly with their wedding department. My wedding is January 15, 2017. The person who gave me the tour said May is always a busy month, so that's why there were so many weddings. I believe her too, I saw at least one bride a day and several ceremonies from a distance.
  12. Hi Girls, I mistakenly posted on the older thread about my recent trip there for the bridal promotion. It was a long post Anyways, I can't believe its taking so long for some of you to get date confirmation. I just switched my date and locations due to the fact that we don't think the chapel is large enough to accommodate our wedding. They say max is 60, with chairs added, but we think it's more like 40 comfortably. Also the cocktail hour area for the chapel, an area that has hammocks, is not shaded at all. It was so hot just going on the tour! Just something to keep in mind. So we decided to switch the ceremony to the sky terrace. It was gorgeous and private. We are willing to pay the 1k fee. As soon as I got back I emailed my wedding coordinator to switch locations and she emailed me back the same day. I was informed that the sky terrace was already booked that Saturday so she suggested Sunday. I switched it to Sunday. I did this within two days, had to confirm with vendors. While there I was told they had an average of 4 weddings per day so that may be a reason it's taking a long time to confirm. They're super busy! Btw, the resort is gorgeous! We are so lucky! Found a new DelSol Royalton wedding http://delsolphotography.com/royalton-riviera-cancun-sky-wedding-terrace-lori-steve/ Also, here is a snap shot of the spa/salon prices. They're expensive! The spa is beautiful though. I was told every massage comes with a free hydrotherapy session. We received a free hydrotherapy session and it was amazing!
  13. http://delsolphotography.com/royalton-riviera-cancun-sky-wedding-terrace-lori-steve/ Sky terrace ceremony and nautical bar reception.
  14. Hey guys, Just got back from RRC. We went for the bridal promotion and stayed Thursday- Monday. The resort is beautiful and massive but not overwhelming. We were told they were 97% full and yet it never felt overcrowded. We were upgraded to the Presidential Suite and it was great. The doubl shower is amazing! So the trip could have went terribly wrong because all though we confirmed the trip, site tour and menu tasting in February, the wedding office had no idea of my confirmation or arrival. The Wedding Manager, Daniella, who had arranged everything stopped working a month prior and apparently did not not inform the rest of the onsite wedding team of our confirmation. We were able to do the site tour but they needed a confirmation for the tasting. Of course I was upset, that was the reason why we were there. We were trying to choose between the Family Style dinner or the Mexican Family style dinner. Thankfully, Maite was able to arrange a last minute tasting. While not all of our choices were prepared, we were able to try a good amount of the entrees, canapés, and deserts. We decided to go with the Famiky Style Dinner, the NY strip steak, mozzarella and tomatoe salad and fried bananas with cream were amazing! The red snapper ceviche and guava creme brûlée were also winners. So the bridal preview was a success and I recommend any of you to take advantage and go if you can. Also, the free hydro therapy treatment was awesome. The spa is beautiful and we are thinking of gifting treatments to our bridal party. Also, just a heads up, we were planning on having our ceremony in the chapel and reception on the Sky terrace but now are going to request a change. We are expecting about 50-70 guests and don't think the chapel would be good for more than 50 guests (even though max capacity is 60). Also the sky terrace seemed small for a reception of 70. I have pictures and will try to post them. So we are going to request to change the ceremony to the sky terrace with the reception in door in the ball room. That didn't work. Sorry.
  15. Hey Mel! Thank you for this. my wedding is booked for January 2017. I am planning on having the ceremony in the chapel and reception on the terrace, but our guest count is increasing so I am thinking maybe switching the ceremony to the terrace and having the reception inside one of the ballrooms. We are going to do a site visit next month which includes a tour and menu tastings, I'm sure we'll know by then. I posted on the last thread about a week ago and no one responded so I guess that thread died out. My question was for the brides who already had their weddings there though. I was wondering about budgets and any surprise/hidden fees.
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