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  1. The picture of your is really beautiful than in model. Usually the gowns and body shapes decides the beauty of dresses. For tall girls, the fairy tale dresses are bad and better for curvy brides.
  2. It looks cool and pretty. Generally my clients seeks for such types of dresses.
  3. Ok it is not a big problem, few of my clients have faced such problem and my designer suggested them to put net or embroided cloth over that and few buttons to make them not look bold.
  4. In online e-commerce site various types of sand for decorations is available.
  5. Carnations are probably the cheapest flowers that you can get or Use Silk Flowers.
  6. These flowers will match to only few dresses basically with some pure white or golden.
  7. OK you can ask your wedding planner for these things. Actually they offers some packages which are under budget and classy also.
  8. You can simply find it on internet or take help of any event planner guy, they knows much about these.http://www.bharatkirayabhandar.com/
  9. I think it will be too soon for invitation as your wedding is on next year. For wedding invitations use electronic wedding card which are cheaper and good and highly preferred these days as it saves time and money. Social media can play a best role in this. http://www.bharatkirayabhandar.com/
  10. Hey it is really very helpful site. Many of my clients needs such kinds of shoes to look taller than their future wife.
  11. Generally wedding planner arranges all dresses which looks perfect with the wedding atmosphere. Sorry i don't have any idea about the sites for a good bridesmaid gown.
  12. If you don't want to take risk the simply go to boutique and show them the picture of the dress you want, it will be less risk taking then others.
  13. congratulations on finding the perfect dress, my clients takes a lot of time to select the dress which matches the theme and also look good for photography.
  14. Generally most of my clients prefer chocolate, blackforest or chocolate ganache vanilla flavor cakes.
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