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  1. Past brides- how long did it take to get your wedding video? They said 4-7 weeks and it's been well past that with no response to my email.
  2. @@kjb0528 are you back? I want to see your lovely pics and all about how it went!!! fyi-maracas mexico was awesome to work with and rather reasonable on pricing!
  3. Hey ladies! I am getting to crunch time with the wedding being 85 days away. EEK!!! We are definitely doing the beach gazebo for the wedding and we really want Oregano for the reception. What is a good place for cocktail hour so the guests don't have to walk down to Los Olas then back up to Oregano (we have some older people)? They didn't give us any option, just that our coordinator would tell us after we select the location. Also, did Oregano need lighting? It is a restaurant so I didn't think it would? Thank you all for your help, you have been so awesome!!!!!!!!!
  4. Loving their site and that they do cool pinatas! I can't find their prices.. do you have an estimate?
  5. Ladies (and rare Gentlemen) who used maracas as favors- where did you get them from? I've tried a couple sources that I found on the board but they no longer do them. Also, how long of a lead time do they need to get to the resort? Thanks for your help! 107 days!!!
  6. Your pics are great @@vanessajfelice. You look gorgeous! Was that "love" sign just at the resort? I haven't seen it before and it was such a cool idea you had to get pics by it! We are thinking about adding time to our package for photos. Did you think the 2 hours were enough? We have the gold excellence package so just have the ceremony, then 1 hour cocktail and then the reception. Also, did you bring the lanterns and lights you had at your reception down or buy them from there? Were they enough? Our ceremony is at 5pm so I am worried it will be pretty dark by the end of th
  7. Thanks for the feedback @@Tighev! You looked beautiful! I just received the response from my email (3 weeks exactly) and I was informed I now have Ariana as my coordinator too. I feel like I was really straight forward with my questions, but she really didn't answer some of them, so I hope you ladies can help. I asked her what reception venues are NOT available on a Saturday, and she just said none have been booked yet. I think I remember reading that some aren't available certain days. Does anyone know off the top of their head which ones aren't? Another thing I asked was th
  8. Hi Ladies! I sent off my first list of questions (after accumulating them like everyone suggested) to Thamara, our assigned coordinator! It's been a week, but that seems normal based on experiences I've read. Anyone know about how long they are at to return with answers? Also, we have never been to Excellence - Where would I find a list of excursions and prices? We are staying after for our honeymoon and want to get off the resort and do fun things like ziplining or parasailing..
  9. We picked a date!!!! WOO HOO!!!! 2/25/17!!! It being a Saturday, it doesn't seem like the Lobster House will be an option based on the past posts I read. I like Los Olas but am worried about the additional light rental. Are you brides still getting a $220 price quote?
  10. Hey Everyone! We have narrowed down the resort to ERC and are super excited to have a February 2017 wedding there! I've read through a lot of this post already and it's priceless advice. I can't wait to chat with everyone once questions pop up. One that has surfaced already has to do with our group rates. Our TA tried to persuade us to not go with Excellence because they can't book groups together very well (aka other sites discount prices better than the group rates). I would rather our group get a better price than us the incentive. Is this trying to persuade us to another cha
  11. Hey Everyone! New here! We are getting married February of 2017 (open on dates). I have narrowed it down with the help of the FI and friends to 5 resorts: Royal Playa Del Carmen; El Dorado Royale; El Dorado Casitas (same property as Royale); El Dorado Seaside Suites; Excellence Riviera Cancun; and Excellence Playa Mujeres. We got details today from a TA that narrow it down more and are leaning toward Excellence Playa Mujeres. So excited to find this forum and start this journey!!!!!! Any direction to help would be more than welcome as I am completely new to this type
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