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  1. Hi! We've decided on a short engagement and to tie the knot on the beach in Negril Jamaica. Something simple and sweet and intimate. After looking at doing it at home with the hundreds of guests we would need to invite and thousands to be spent, we opted out. We were already booked for a vacation. So we decided to make it a special one. It will be my mom, two step sons, us and my sister in law will be joining us too. What could be better than barefoot and pregnant at sunset on 7 mile beach with those that are closest to us? My most important stipulation was a photographer to share our experience upon our return. We'll be throwing a semi-reception at the house and rely on someone to capture the moments properly. We're blessed to have found a professional photographer! Diana with Digital memories collection has been a dream to work with so far and we're soo excited to see her bring more magic to our day. I guess I am looking for any additional tips from anyone
  2. Hi! Congrats! I'm working with Diana Campbell from Digital Memories Collection. She's been amazing and may be able to help out. Check her out. She works with her son and really goes out of her way. We're getting married in a few weeks and I'm thankful I've found her. Good luck!
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