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  1. Our photographer was Clayton with WPAJ and they covered the vendor fee for us.
  2. Hi! Just watched this again and i have a question! Did someone from home perform your ceremony? My uncle is coming with us and we want him to perform ours and are trying to figure out exactly how it works!
  3. Yes I think it is necessary to book the wedding first because dates can go really fast. Ours had a $250 deposit but it secured our spot. The prices may not go down much though. Have you compared the prices you received to prices on other websites? That might help. Happy planning!
  4. Hi Shaquana! Congratulations on your engagement! We chose Iberostar Rose Hall Suites because it is kid friendly and had good reviews. They offer 3 different packages that at base price range from about 1500-3000. There are extra prices but they spell everything out plainly in their contract. We used a family member that is a travel agent. She put together a package and we send her a list of email addresses of people that we are inviting and she sent out an email communication to them. We also put the package details (cost, payment plan, etc) on our electronic save the dates. W
  5. I'm not doing a cruise wedding but our family and friends are either totally for or totally not feeling our decision to have a destination wedding. The ones who are coming are super excited though and everyone has been supportive as far as saying we should just do what makes us happy.
  6. @@budgetbride2015 that was beautiful and the beginning was very creative!! @@budgetbride2015 Thanks for this. Did you use the airbrush service for your makeup?
  7. Does anyone have a copy of the final details sheet that Nicole sends. I'm not to that point yet but I want to get an idea of what it looks like.
  8. thank you @@jgirlnyc i have been looking all over for this group!
  9. We are planning on taking our son who will be 4 by the wedding date. We are staying at the resort from Monday to Sunday and our guests are staying Monday to Thursday. He will leave with my future MIL on Thursday so that we have a few "honeymoon" days. He will be in the room with us every night except for Wednesday (wedding night).
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