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  1. Las Olas looks beautifully set up! I'm worried about the wind/heat due to some older folks attending. The reception will probably be around 5pm. We are thinking that we will have 30 people. Is the wind/heat going to be a deterrent for guests?
  2. Hey! I have been following this thread for the last week. Thank you so much for all of the great tips and info! We are planning our wedding at ERC November 11th. Sadly the 5pm slot was taken and so we are going to be having the ceremony at 3. I'm wondering a few things. 1. Can I book our stay with an outside booking site like hotels.com? I was worried if I do this, they will not consider the reservation number valid to hold my wedding date. 2. Did you guys choose to have a group contract or are you letting guests book their own stay? I don't feel like the group concessions were worth it considering I am finding the hotel for at least $50 cheaper/night at other sites. 3. Did any of you brides get rain? Im not sure I would mind it but want to come prepared for the possible last minute changes. I'm sure I will have more questions to come! I am super excited for the day to come. The resort looks perfect in every way
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