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  1. Hi Brides !! I posted my review on my profile and some photos if you want to take a peak
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  3. @@cayls55 I didn't do a lot of décor. We had 2 long rectangle tables with table runners, charger plates with lanterns and candles on them, and paper flowers scattered on the tables - which I brought all from home, aswell as colored napkins & chair sashes. We had a few sayings and an instagram sign put on our guest signing table too. It filled one luggage, and we didn't get charged on the way down and then we got one of our friends to take it home with them as him and his GF only brought one, so it was no cost to us And we saved over 1000$ I figure bring my own things.
  4. @@cayls55 I brought my own Lights. We had 7 strings....and barley covered the pergola. They charged me $100 "set up fee" for my own lights. To me it was fine, and was more than sufficient lighting. Hi Brides !! I just got married on Nov 16, 2016 and am in the midst of writing my review. But have noticed lots of questions that I will be writing about but here's a few things: We brought our own speaker down with an ipod for our dance & cocktail music. It was worth the cost for us, we got it at Costco for about $200 and was loud enough. (we had 47 guest plus us) We also brought our own string lights for the pergola, they charged us $100 to set them up. The Tequila terrace has basic lighting which is more than enough lighting. We had 2 long rectangle tables and a sweet heart table. I cant for the life of me get the photos to load in here.....
  5. Did anyone rent the bridal suite ?? If is was it worth the extra fee? Tell me the details on it.......i'm having a hard time finding photos or more details on it. And - I'm not a coffee drinker.......we drink a lot of energy drinks. Are these available on the resort? (I'm wondering if we need the taxi to stop at a convenient store when they pick us up at the airport LOL)
  6. Past Brides -- How long did hair and make up take? My ceremony is at 3pm on the Tequila Terrace, and I have hair & make up booked for 10:30am And do you get to have a sneak peak at your ceremony space before hand....I wonder how far it is away from the spa, as I'm really wanting to get a sneak peak in before I walk down the isle. 54days till my wedding!! :)
  7. I am also wondering the same thing about the tequila terrace and not using a DJ - We have a Bose home system that is fairly loud and were going to just bring that.............$180/hr for a speaker system seems a bit pricy. We never even thought of a DJ as the reception is only 3 hours. Doesn't quite seem worth it (?)
  8. @@ashlynm88 & @@jessiker05 Cant wait to hear about your two's wedding !!! Any tips after the wedding for future brides I would love to hear. Has anyone used an out side florist? I find that $130 for one centerpiece is a bit ridiculous....... I am wondering if the day before If I leave or a member of my group leaves the resort and go pick up some flowers and put them in vases that is considered "outside vendor" (Or pre ordered centerpieces) - Juan has never mentioned anything about these extra fees, and I have yet to ask as I don't want to know the answer. It is interesting as some posts say the outside vendor fee was $300 and others said it was $400......They must just charge what they feel like ?
  9. @ KitCat - I have a travel agent. She would suggest some resorts and I would contact them for Wedding Packages, and then decided from there. I have direct contact with the resort on the wedding planning, and my travel agent is booking all the flights, hotels exc for all the guests. Our agent could be the contact at the resort too, but I just thought it would be easier if I could be asking them all my questions instead of going through my agent then to them. @CalgaryBride2015 I am from Prince George but now live in Grande Prairie, Alberta. I think we got comparable rates, as I have been snooping around the internet and to book a trip to NOW around the same time are going is anywhere from 1500-1700+taxes. Where did you get Married? 41 people! that is wonderful, I am surprised so many people are coming to ours. We still have some friends who are going to book outside our "group" closer to the date.
  10. @@vancouverpetunia - I think I got this site figured out a bit better. I was replying to your lights on the pergola. I am also thinking of bringing some lights to set up. I wonder what my quote will come back at ....Good to know what they quoted you. I really wanted the paper lanterns, but for 800$ I also inquired about a chandelier ($300...than changed it to $250 each) plus $500 for sheets to be hung around. - Bringing things from home are starting to seem like the thing to do! Are you using the resort for flowers or going with an out side vendor ?
  11. Hello, I struggled with the same issue! We are getting married Nov 16, 2016 in Riviera Maya @ NOW Sapphire. Our guest flying from Prince George, Vancouver, Grande Prairie, Edmonton, Saskatoon and Toronto - Prices are around 1800/per person taxes in (prices across the board for our guest from each airport only varied around 50$). I spend months and months trying to find somewhere to go budget friendly for our guests....Its SO Hard. So I finally decided I was going to go to where I wanted and so be it. We thought maybe a small group would be attending as our hotel wedding package only includes 25 people. But are we ever surprised, we have 54 signed up guest who put down deposits! Now where I am worried, is that our dollar is SO low, and the resort packages are all in USD....This is where it will get pricy. So I think you should go where you want, your guests will join if they have the time off & extra money. None of our guests said it was too pricy, I think as long as its under $2000/per person you should be ok. We just attended a wedding in Toronto - with flights, hotel, car rental, food & booze we spent around $3000 for FOUR DAYS - after that I felt ok asking my guests to spend $1800 for a week long all in vacation.
  12. @vancouverpetunia -- Did you end up bringing lights for the Pergola? I'm getting married there Nov 2016 and am having the same thought. The price the resort charges you for lights is ridiculous
  13. Hello All, I joined this site after stumbling across it and creeping on any post about NOW Sapphire. It has helped me a lot in a few decisions so far. After a week at NOW we are heading next door to Excellence for a bit of a honeymoon. Cant Wait! Cheers !
  14. This is a review of:

    NOW Sapphire Riviera Cancun

    Wedding - Nov 16, 2016

    Our wedding was at 3pm on Nov 16, 2016 on the Tequila Terrace, with cocktail hour to follow at 6pm than dinner served at 7:30 pm and cutting the cake around 830pm. We also paid for the extra hour so our reception went till 11pm. We had the Divine Package, and all events were on the Tequila Terrace.   The Spa: I had myself and 3 girls with me, we had the spa to ourselves. Upon arrival there was a tray of fruit, juices, water and mimosas waiting for us. Each girl had their own hairdresser/make up artist that worked on them. Our appointments were at 10am and we were out of there around 12/12:30. I had brought photo of how I wanted my hair done, and they lady did an amazing job, it looked just like the photos. For my make up, I let her pick as I don't wear much make up and wasn't sure where to go with that, my only request was to have a red lip. My make up was good, just felt a bit heavy as there was many layers and they also used a finish spray to make it hold all day.  All the girls were happy with what they looked like when we left.   Getting Ready: We all got ready in my Ocean front room (Free upgraded when asked at check-in). Took some photos on the deck, and inside the room while getting ready, the rooms are quite spacious, we had 7 ladies plus our photographer in our room and didn't feel squished. At 2:50 Juan called to say the golf carts were waiting for us, they picked us up and he met us in the front lobby with my bouquet and all the flowers for the girls. The bouquet was so beautiful and larger than I imagined. He showed me some photos of the ceremony space that he posted on Instagram as we walked towards the buffet to go to the Tequila Terrace.   Ceremony: My Dad was waiting for me inside the buffet. Juan got everyone in a line, and there they went. Just as my Dad and I were about to exit on to the terrace I noticed the rose peddles were missing from my aisle way, so Juan ran so fast to grab them for me and put them down for my exit. (Took about 1-2 min, my Dad and I stood there, while everyone was looking at us...my Dad was impatient, while I was ok with it, it let me soak it all in) We had upgraded to the Rustic doors, and the scenery was even more beautiful than in the look book they send you. We had picked a non-religious symbolic ceremony which was nice, about 30 minutes. Our JP was really nice and was funny.  After the ceremony we were all greeted with fresh champagne.  After we got everyone to go down to the beach and take a large group photo, and then photos. We let everyone leave and we stayed with our photographers (We brought from home) to wonder around and take more.   Cocktail Hour/Reception: I had brought all my own décor (Speaker, Lights, Chair Sashes, Table Runners, Charger Plates, Small Lanterns, Paper Flowers) to help save on money. They did an amazing job setting everything up that I had brought.  We got to the Cocktail hour before our guests showed up, and we walked around and one of the workers asked to make sure everything was done to my liking and then offered me a drink. The food was good, everyone said they enjoyed it. We gave the guests 2 meal options which was nice. After Supper they handed our more champagne for the speeches.   Cocktail Hour Food: Prosciutto Ham Bruschetta Beef Brochettes with Rosemary Sauce Shrimp Tempura Spring Rolls   Reception Food: Mushroom & Roasted Garlic Veloute Beef Filet Bordaleise OR Duck Breast Pistachio Panacota   It was a good thing we paid for the extra hour, as speeches took 2 to 3 times as long as I had allotted for them, then we also did sparkler photos which also took longer than expected.  Once we got all that out of the way, we had our Dances and we danced the night away until 11 when it was cut off time, so we all ordered a few more drinks and shots and stayed there till 1130. The older people then went to the lobby to sit and visit, and a bunch of us went to the night club.   We had 47 guests plus us. We had our tables set up as 2 long rectangles and we were sitting at a sweet heart table. We had 6 serving staff and 2 bartenders, and our sweet heart table had our own server.  We did a signature drink of a watermelon mijito for cocktail hour(you could only get it on the day of the wedding, we tried all week to get them as they were SO good) and we also had a "something blue" margarita for the reception.   The only flowers we had for the reception were 2 center pieces which sat on our sweet heart table. They were the from the Diving package for $130 each. I must say, they were larger than I imagined. They did custom ones to match my bouquet. And at the end of the night we gave each of our mothers an arrangement.   My only complaint was that it was windy...Which is no ones fault at all! And that the day went by WAY TOO FAST!!!   The next day we met with Adventure Photos to pick our the photos for our wedding book, and fill in some paperwork for our video. We got our video back in 2 weeks time, and our book arrived 5 weeks later. We were happy with what the supplied us, and we loved the video. Great way to capture they day, and helps you remember things you may have missed. (Our video was just of the ceremony)   All in all it was AMAZING and I would love to do it again in slow mo. I highly suggest this resort for a wedding or even just a vacation. All the staff was great, remembered your name and always welcoming. We have been to Mexico and various places but this has been our Favorite resort and we are already planning on going back next November! With 47 guests from all over Canada, and not any of them complained, or had anything bad to say the whole time.   And don't worry about the sea weed!! They clean up it 24hours a day, I barley even noticed it.   Juan was my WC and he was just great to deal with, would answer my emails within 3 days and sometimes within the day. So thank-you Juan for being so great and helpful!