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  1. I'm from Canada, but we did already find an agency here that was wonderful and helped us book and put a deposit down already thanks so much though! That does seem really strange!! that's too bad you have to wait until you book your flights to book your wedding Oh perfect, that may not be one of their busy months so that is good I was looking at November and other dates in October but we are happy with our date now! Oh okay, yes i spoke with Maria at first and she gave me details about some of the packages but lately it's just been Gaby now. Sure! They are on Google drive and I couldn't figure our how to attach them in here but if you send me your email I will forward the documents to you!
  2. Wow!! Thank you soo much for all this information!! This clarifies so many things! That's great! I ended up asking for quotes for the adult only section, I think it would be nice if we wanted to get away during the week I actually was able to find a few agents that were ab,e to get me pricing (then got quotes directly for the tour operators) and booked the flights and wedding date last week! That's what ok bad you can't book flights yet but I think you can still book the wedding date you can just tell them you'll give them the booking number once it's booked. I think you kind of have too since dates go pretty fast. We didn't actually get our first choice! What month are you looking at? Okay great! Yeah I think we may stick with the gazebo for now unless we decide all the extras are worth it as well! Have you contacted the coordinator yet? She gives you a "kit" with a bunch of extras and more details I'd be happy to fwd them to you as well
  3. That's great to hear!! We saw pictures and the beach looks amazing! One of the main reasons why we chose this resort! Oh that's good to know. I was wondering about the adult section and whether it's worth it for me and my fiancé to book there. Yeah, I would imagine they would be great with wedding couples as well. Gaby has been great so far Are most of the "standard" rooms close to the beach? We have lots of couples with kids coming too most people would stay in the main section. I decided on the Serenity Blue package but now may be leaning towards the Turquoise Breeze package (hoping I can change it now). Was the wedding you saw on the beach or gazebo? The Serenity Blue comes with the gazebo location but I'm just not sure how nice it is, it's right in front of the beach but it's hard to tell, only saw one picture and others are mostly on the beach. I'm going to have my ceremony at 4 and then cocktail hour from 5-6 then will have the reception from 7-11 and I was thinking we could all venture off to a bar or the disco?? Not sure about that yet either.. Glad there is another Sandos Playacar bride on here!
  4. Hbinning


    Thank you everyone for your feedback! We ended up deciding on Sandis Playacar and have picked a date! October 26, 2017
  5. Hi there! I haven't been there yet, but we did just book a date for October 26, 2017 their prices are pretty reasonable and the wedding co-ordinator has been great so far! Let me know if you have any questions.
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    Hi everyone! I got engaged a few months ago and now trying to narrow down a location which is much harder than I thought it would be. I think i've somewhat narrowed it down. Does anyone have any information on any of them regarding pricing/wedding packages and the resorts themselves. We want to stick to around a $1500 budget from Canada. We're trying to decide between: Grand Bahia Principe Tulum Grand Bahia Principe Coba Sandos Playacar Beach Sandos Caracol Marina El Cid Thanks in advance!!
  7. Hello brides! I'm getting married in 2017. Still trying to finalize a resort, I'm seriously considering Iberostar but would love some more info! Is the reception included in the package a private reception? If not, does anyone know how much extra it is for a private reception and how much it would be to extend the reception as well? Thank you!!
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