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  1. Hi...it should be the full base rate that is being given to you as a credit. Without seeing the contract I'm unsure as to why it's less...did you have some guests book resort only? That can reduce the refund amount.
  2. Hi! Try not to be discouraged, the ladies here have given you wonderful advice! There are other tour operators than Sunwing to get quotes from as well. Are you currently working with an agent/agency? If not please feel free to reach out to myself..I'm the TA in Canada . I would be happy to work out some pricing for you if you are feeling frustrated. Congrats on your engagement.
  3. TADarci

    Azul Fives

    Good Morning! I have a bride getting married at Azul Fives in 16 days and everything has been excellent thus far..I am a TA in Canada and know that Karisma handles groups wonderfully. Some resorts that you may want to consider as well are Beach Palace, Hyatt Ziva or Dreams Tulum. What amenities/activities/rooms are you looking for in the ideal resort? That will help you narrow down choices. Cheers!
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