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  1. @@CEJ03 Sorry for the delay! I just got back from my wedding and decided to bring our own lights after much debate because it was still spendy but my husband and i were glad we did! It added a nice romantic touch. It isn't necessary but it's really nice! I haven't received photos from photographers yet with night shots but this is before the reception started.
  2. @@WronLow Congrats on your wedding! I'm getting married on Jan 20th so I know how stressful it is getting all the little details done! I'm still debating on table size. As far as timeline it depends if you are planning to do a first look and such? We are having the ceremony at 4pm, then pictures from 4:30 - 6 (while guests can go to the lobby bar or relax, My fiance doesn't want to do a first look so all of our pictures need to be after the ceremony.) 6-7 is cocktail hour and 7-10 is the reception. From what I researched, big weddings groups it is better to have a DJ. If you have a large group
  3. @@lndzlou03 I'm getting married in the same areas in January! I cannot wait, it looks beautiful!
  4. So i was thinking i wanted to bring my own string lights as the resort quotes 650 for the Italian lights. Does anyone have experience of bringing their own lights?
  5. @@VancouverGal we found some at discountmugs.com or costco actually had some deals for a 3 pack for 6 dollars however i found cute 24oz frosted glasses that are more personalized at myweddingreceptionideas.com so we are debating doing the glasses so people don't have to fill up as often and are cheaper or the tumblers which are more expensive but insulated.
  6. @@Johnsonspartyof2 we are making "hangover kits" with some little necessities like Tylenol, pepto bismol, tums, bandaid, Sunscreen, aloe, vitamin c pack, etc, personalized sunglasses (in case guests forget theirs or don't want to worry about losing nice ones) and a personalized insulated cup guests can use when at the beach or pool etc. I was trying to go more practical so things will actually get used versus spending money on favors that will be thrown away.
  7. @@DinaQtobe thanks! that's what i read most brides do at other resorts and usually the resort doesn't say much. Do any previous brides have a picture or know what the basic beach setup and tequila terrace is for the Eternal package? I asked juan but haven't received a response. I'm just wondering how many abd what kind of decorations to bring. Thanks, and sorry about all the questions!
  8. @@Gabyc22 thanks! I think i will end up doing more lights. Does anyone know if the long sparklers are allowed/or have used them ? Most other resorts they are. I would love to have sparklers for a first dance!
  9. I was wondering about how much extra the welcome BBQ was? I am thinking of doing something of that sort but don't know if I want to spend a couple of thousand dollars on it.
  10. Hello brides! I'm getting married there in 4 months on the tequila terrace. Is there sufficient lighting or do you recommend renting other lights than what comes with the package I was also wondering how far in advance you booked the hair appointments and if you had makeup done there and if so if you recommend it? Lastly, I read that a lot of people bring extra large cups to all inclusive resorts so you get larger quantities than the disposable cups usually given and don't have to return to the bar as often. Did anyone see these? Thanks to much!
  11. Have any you brides had a DJ that played during the cocktail hour? We ended up going with a DJ because we were afraid the sound system wouldn't be loud enough with the waves and other people around (booked the tequila terrace). I'm also wondering about flowers! I can't believe how expensive they are! We were looking at look like real flowers to bring ourselves for bridesmaids but I'm not sure how nice they'll look in pictures? Have any past brides used the Eternity menu? What did you think of it? My fiance and I weren't sure if we wanted to spend the extra money on the Divine package
  12. Congrats Amanda! I'm getting married at Now Sapphire in Jan 2017 and I can't wait! Have you booked everything yet? If you are looking for a good photography/videography service check out Octavio Montes. I've only had positive things to say about them so far! I stumbled upon his reviews on this website and saw they were highly rated and had better pricing than the resort photography/videopgraphy including the outside vendor fee. He has been very responsive and easy to work with so far and asking for details such as what time frame I want, certain looks and shots I'm looking for etc... We are a
  13. Hi Harper, I spent quite a while looking for photographers in the area as well because I didn't know if I trusted the resorts photographers/videographers. It's so hard to make these decisions from abroad! Have you check out Octavio Montes? I've only had positive things to say about them so far! I stumbled upon his reviews on this website and saw they were highly rated and had better pricing than most other photographers in the area, his prices were comparable to using the resort photographers but you get a longer time frame and more options. My wedding isn't until Jan 2017 so I can't spea
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